OUTDOORSY LIFESTYLE GAINED🏂🎣 | The Sims 4 Snowy Escape #13


♡Hey Fantacorns! Welcome to another episode of The Sims 4 Snowy Escape, in this one Kazumi gains the outdoorsy lifestyle and levels up his snowboarding + skiing skill! #fantacornfam

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  1. The Broke Unboxer says

    Your videos are very entertaining. I like the sound of your voice. (Im not trying to be creepy).

  2. Disabled Commentary Gameplays says

    Thanks to ur advice, my sims are happy and i now far have 50,000 simoleons above. Thnx

  3. Tamara XXX says

    i never noticed that the snow is pink before you said something and know i'm confused. Isn't the kind of blue too?
    I laught so hard a your sims running around like crazy 😂😂😂
    They should have another baby

  4. Francesca Moscarella says

    I have a suggestion. The baby girl when became a teenager she will start to work and she adopts a cat! I don't think they should have an another baby

  5. Carolin Daniels says

    So does anyone know when we got the Peeping sims? Is that from a mod or something? I have never seen that before LOL! ✋👀🤚 💖💕💖🦄

  6. JustSimsThings says

    I think it would be cool if they had some fertility issues and that was part of the storyline

  7. JustSimsThings says

    Congrats on 250k! You deserve all the love in the world and more 💞

  8. Sinead Carroll says

    Loving this series so far. ❤️❤️❤️ I think you have to "poop" every so often instead of
    "pee" to get rid of the upset stomach moodlet. 🦄🦄🦄

  9. Silky Wyrm says

    So cute, maybe you could put some more floor cushions in the inventory and when more Sims are over you could let them sit around the table and the parents could just sit on the cushions meet the table?
    Can you make the group who they met up with at the library their official homework and friends group?

  10. Lyrieyen Creesen says

    I really love this family and lets play!

  11. Tris Madden says

    Why do they always need to run to the restroom? I noticed my sims were always getting that moodlet too. Is it from all the new food?

  12. Tris Madden says

    I'm worried my game is broken because I haven't gotten anything about a sentiment. The profiles work and everything but they haven't gained a thing.😔 thank you for the vid love! Much appreciated!💜💜💜🦄🦄🦄

  13. NULAI Nigeria says

    OMG, I just found a pandemic mod. its called global simdemic – LIama – 19. could you do a review on it. I don't have my laptop so I cant check it out. Also love your channel so much💕✨🦄🦄🦄

  14. LeighPlays says

    Really loving the series + your content is always very bubbly and refreshing to watt how really makes my day love -LeighPlaysSims

  15. Zy'lice Land says

    so excited to watch, i love you and this series

  16. Fatima S. says

    I looooove all your Lp’s ❤️❤️❤️ you have an amazing personality , imagination and narration 😍❤️ I’m watching you all the way from Kuwait 🇰🇼
    Keep up the good work 🦄🦄

  17. Ryan Hiker says

    How come there’s beds in her sims mines got a weird glitch where it doesn’t give me the option to buy beds and surfaces

  18. Make Belleve says

    Love your LPs 🦄 Such a massive inspiration to me 🥰 Hope that I'm as successful as you one day!

  19. Laynas Lovely world says

    Early love your videos!!!💕

  20. Debera Saunier says

    Congratulations 🎉👏🎉

  21. Anna Swanson says

    I really love this series! I really like that snowy escape was released when it was because this is one of my favorite times of year to go skiing but because of the pandemic we can’t go 🙁 but now I can just go skiing in the sims!💕✨🦄

  22. octavia chambers says

    did you download all the sims pack or did you pay for it and if you download sims and all the packs can i get a link
    also ily

  23. Kelis Reid says


  24. The Tea is hot y'all says

    Omg i love this series!! You make amazing content ily!!❤❤

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