1. Erik Estrella says

    did you edit the video?

  2. Erik Estrella says

    Jajajaja XD lo ame

  3. Pancake Panda says


  4. Valen Román says

    I still can't believe you managed to pull it of on TURN S E V E N

  5. C H says

    This is the type of top quality content we’re here for

  6. Happy Dice says

    I haven't surrendered in the game of Runeterra, but then again I never took a punishment like this.

  7. SteveSoyYo says

    Hahaha my god

  8. Guillem Alsina Oriol says

    Wait! you got to the hard cap on cards/spells per round?? Wow xD Awesome content, as always!

  9. Filipe Reis says

    Once I asked to a wise man what is perfection

    He took a deep breath, then showed me this video

  10. Helliandro Souto Henrique says


  11. DRocksaint says

    What was that bug at the end there, tho? Is it a known thing?

  12. Newt1izard says

    Don't mind me I'm just grooving 🕺🕺

  13. Vinícius Peyerl says


  14. Pablo Salazar says

    This video heal my soul, is perfect

  15. Hellscream says

    This is Swim's thing but with even more memes in it lol
    He himself hasnt brought epic sax guy back in a while though 🙁

  16. Jay Gaming says

    That was interesting 😂 btw silver I think it would be interesting if I ever got to play you in game 🤔 I gotta get up to masters first lol, will take time but some day I will fight you lol. Also hope you're well 🙂

  17. Cameron Brown says

    You’ve optimized it to perfection! Epic sax guy is OP! Nerf incoming!!

  18. Matthieu Blanche says

    Lol I’m dead 😂

    By the way, I thought of a fun interaction where Braum and Lucian would level up in the same round. Lucian would go: NOOOOO SENNAAAAAA! Then Braum would go: HAHA! TIME TO CELEBRATE!!

    That would legit be the funniest thing of my entire life.

  19. Maurice Chagall says

    oh hey it's me what am i doing here

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