1. skeebis says

    I see the candy troops

  2. Dillon Johnson says

    Pajama Sam's music is so smooth jazzy.

  3. Dillon Johnson says

    This song will also be added to Time Shift. It'll play as the characters jam through the city of the bakery they fled from to a beach. Then, they frolick into the square and make off by the docks.

  4. Dillon Johnson says

    You should watch what you eat.

  5. Jo Hammet [Games Archive] says

    This particular track always reminded me a bit of Backyard Baseball

  6. Anastasia Klara says

    Is it just me, or the intro of this is similar with Mario&Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's title opening OST?

  7. TewbBelrog says

    Despite being featured in one of the least favorite Humongous games I've played, this little ditty has managed to stick out years after my childhood

  8. Lynn Li Tung says

    most memorable track in this whole game for me. Catchy, transitional n melodious all at once!

  9. Justin Holland says

    Love it.

  10. Anri Of Astora says

    Ah my favorite 😀

  11. ViRiX Dreamcore says

    I don't know why but I love this music!

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