1. Debora Amaral says


  2. Aynur memmedova says

    Hello what your name

  3. Shamsiah Salleh says

    Omg you doing video everyday wow

  4. Flow 1414 Flow says


  5. Abdulkader Abdulazim says

    What is your Name

  6. הודיה לחיאני says

    סירטון מהמם

  7. Zyanya ASMR says


  8. ابراهيم السبعاوي says

    I DON'T

  9. Dorsa Nami says


  10. Sylvie Laforge says

  11. Pamela Tatiana Malte Gossman says

    Son. Las. Megores❤️❤️❤️

  12. NaturallyKB-ASMR says

    Great video 😋

  13. Jaqueline de los Angeles Ferril Lamas says

    Yo nose hablar en ingles pero digo que la major hiso trampa

  14. Roby Giovenco says


  15. mass albqoor says

    Why did she eat the rapper eww but nice asmr

  16. DUDE ASMR says

    My pets feel the same way when I eat in front of them 🐶🐱

  17. Yaeris Pacheco says

    Son feas

  18. Hozan Ali says

    Love ASMR LiIibu Love You Like ❤️👉😍😍😍😍

  19. Mdr Jtjt says

    The brown hair girl is my favorite 😘and the black hair girl is like you😁

  20. noor Noor says


  21. aytennn sultanova says

    Love you asmr lilibu

  22. Big Street Food says

    ♥️Thank you so much this is nice 👍
    Anyone readings this comment please support us, thank you♥️✊

  23. شخبط شخابيط says

    The video was nice but there was an annoying sound.🎒😶😶

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