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In the PS5 vs Xbox Series X landscape, Sony’s Jim Ryan responds to Xbox’s Game Pass success. Meanwhile, MCU Deadpool 3 gets Bob’s Burgers writers, The Last of Us HBO series gets picked up, GTA 5 Online gets a big heist update, Black Panther 2 gets a shooting start date and new story details and The Mandalorian Season 2 episode 4 has a funny gaffe you may have missed. This is your News, Games and More for November 20th, 2020!

  1. Boogerman says

    Gamepass now has ea play too so we get a crap ton of games already ontop of ea games now

  2. Mr. Dank Pepe says

    PS Now is basically game pass…..

  3. AustralianSurfer says

    Man, an 11 minute intro?!

  4. Optamizm says

    I wouldn't go back to GTAO until the PS5 patch comes out.

  5. Gilberto Arellano says

    This my favorite episode so far!

  6. Nick C says

    The problem with the american movie system is that it jumps from PG to R with nothing in between… In australia and lots of other countries, there is a M and MA ratings also so we can more graphic movies with swearing than just PG movies without them being R rated… Also some movies that are R rated in america are only MA in australia but are not cut in anyway…

  7. CineFlow Cast says

    Anyone knows the name of the song in the beginnig?

  8. Oath keeper0_0 says

    Everyone just wants PlayStation to open up the whole library

  9. ElMUGERIEGO17 says

    Cashapp us if your generous. $BrenadaAguero

  10. mzadas says

    Its called ps now

  11. Victor Muniz says

    11:09 Starts
    12:22 PS5 Game Pass?
    19:34 Deadpool 3
    28:20 Stella is 🐐
    29:25 GTA Online Heist
    36:17 Stand Ben/Jeffrey+
    37:24 TLoU HBO Series
    48:34 Black Panther 2
    54:29 PS5 Download Queue Fix
    55:26 Mandalorian Goof + Others
    1:06:46 Ty John Borba

  12. Rangler Radar says

    Why would you stop at 4 streamers. Come on in brace the Brady bunch.

  13. quizkill says

    As of right now. Xbox game pass is the best deal in gaming.

  14. Mat O'laughlin says

    Game pass to play games that have been out years. With the very few new ones. Eh PASS! ps5 please.

  15. Mikey Khan says

    Time stamps would b epic

  16. stormshadow75x says

    We totally eliminate the Black Panther character over an actor's death? That's just silly

  17. narutodssunny says
  18. Mutale Mwananshiku says

    Why do people want shuri to be bp yes it happened in the comics but comic shuri is different from movie shuri she isnt a fighther like t'challa , she is too young and doesnt respect wakandan tradition. T'challa still has more stories to tell and killing off the character just because the actor died is misguided.

  19. KodiaBear says

    PS5 Pro is going to be Epic

  20. - Silver Crow - says

    bla bla bla bla bla bla

  21. rafael pozo says

    they wont do it the same way

  22. Ament says


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