Pokemon Sword & Shield music hits different


Pokemon Sword & Shield music hits different!
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  1. FrozenSpaghetti says


  2. Samuel says

    Hey Cam you should try pvz eclise

    No need to thank me

  3. Autistic Artist says

    Bruh have you heard any bit of the gen 5 musics?

  4. Maksim says

    Try reading Peonys league card, really interesting.

  5. KingdomRoxas2 says

    Don’t forget about spirtoom

  6. ADH easy says

    What about this music 🎧 “Sheila Sheila sheliaaa sheliaaa “ sorry

  7. pvz heroes player :3 says

    Can you do tiktok hahahah (θ‿θ)

  8. Minii Playz says

    well cam is died…who I'm I going to watch now? 4:49

  9. Minefan 000009 says

    Wolfy’s avatar reminds me of splatoon inkling

  10. Meeka says

    What really hits different is my dad after i fail a test

  11. Tristan Rodarte says

    Off topic ,but I played GW2 and there was a electro pea that camped in the whole time then he did the same thing with captain cannon he would only come if his team was there or you got to his spot(In turf)so great start to today

  12. Tyler Phommachak says

    Gen 5 has the best music

  13. Jamie T - Vulpicks says

    The best music in Pokemon is Miror B’s theme on XD or Colloseum

  14. Connor Mcmahon says

    Please do more Pokémon games this playthrough was so fun

  15. Triple Chin R says

    Security breach is coming out in 2021 and it’s gonna be an actual long FNAF

  16. yorben dewit says

    He: ow marny us here

    Me: shes a f gymleadet pal

  17. Fawful 52 says

    Hey Cam, if you do Galarian Star Tournament with every trainer, you unlock something.

  18. Ahmad Alaama says

    Security breach comes out early 2021. it was supposed to come out at Christmas,but it was delayed because ITS HUGE.

  19. Neon Was Here says

    Security Breach was delayed to 2021 since you asked im pretty sire we got a full release date but all i remember was it was in 2021

  20. juice says

    I wish he'd thrust me like he does his room's air

  21. IrishSoyBoy says

    Gen 5 elite 4 is just stress

  22. حساب قوقل says

    We're among as places

  23. Shadow Titan says

    I have series from some comments on your previous videos.
    1. Play the most annoying characters in GW2, and see how long it takes to get hate mail
    2. Play an elemental character from each class(Toxic, Fire, Ice, Electric), and see which one is the best on Zombies and Plants
    And now series I wish you would continue from really old videos:
    3. Bring it!
    4. Free to Play
    Wolfy, please consider these series. I really enjoyed watching them, and it would be awesome if you could continue them.

  24. kidfury killer says

    That mystery duo's gonna be hop and leon ain't it?

  25. Zayed Sattaur says

    4:56 when you get sniped

  26. AWeird weirdo says

    Peony : now to catch all the Legendaries, you must aquiar a taste for free form jazz

  27. Alex Hazan-Cohen says

    If you try to team with ball guy he will give you special dialogue and almost say yes but then rethink and say no.

  28. Sleepy Boi says

    I think we can all agree that they nailed it with the Soundtrack in this game.

  29. Bananaxe says

    you got a problem with looking like a banana?

  30. Tomé Filho says

    Find Oleana in the Thundra. She is in cemetery area.

  31. Curs3d Crocodile says

    Mirror B's music is better!

  32. Brad Isaac says

    Hey wolfy! Did you know that you can play pvz ps4fare 2 on the ps5? Then call it pvz ps5fare 2 👌👌

  33. Nick the weird human or something? says

    Ok, other than his weird fisting, Peony is an absolute chad!

  34. Mr mimbo says

    Pokemon sword nuzlock

  35. S.L.E.O says

    First time seing cams doorway

  36. Zachary Mendoza says

    Wolfys getting down

  37. I Kadek Ananda Dwipayadnya says

    When is security breach coming out?

    Yeah…about that…..

  38. Gaming_show_pro says

    Will this be the end of pokemon sword?

  39. Gaming_show_pro says

    Wolfy will you ever play the 3ds pokemon games?

  40. Gaming_show_pro says

    Leon the very beatbel challenger

  41. fire Face says

    Destiny hero Big black not a elemental hero

  42. dkhorrami9 says

    Play Splatoon 2

  43. GammaREE says

    The real legendary is chad Kensington

  44. AidanGaming 67 says

    its not just u lolipop hero

  45. Scrap Metal says

    casually jazzing out while wiping peony’s team

  46. Cohen says

    Kinda sad this dlc is over but you know what that means next , new Pokemon game hopefully in 2021 or 2022

  47. The crazypickle plays says

    Please make that theme your new outro

  48. Julia Feet Bauge says

    Cam, check Peony's rare league card

  49. Ian Say says

    Please tell me that’s the new Outro

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