President-elect Joe Biden Meets with Frontline Health Care Workers


The health care workers on the frontlines of this pandemic are true heroes. Watch as President-elect Joe Biden thanks them for their work and discusses how a Biden-Harris administration will support them.

  1. Tommy Reyes says

    Thank you President Trump for finding the vaccine for Coronavirus 🇺🇸

  2. Juan Diaz says


  3. Rezzin Brainz says

    Hunters been away! Where's Hunter!?!?!??!?!

  4. Marc Baptiste says

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  5. E Walker says

    A President that actually talks to the people, particularly those with firsthand knowledge and experience of what is really happening.

  6. Jaramillo Lugo says

    Happy Birthday Mr President elected Joe Biden! Celebrating the 46 at 78! 👍🙏

  7. Marlon Everington says

    Wow some many people Interested in this. 4 thousand like lol. And we are led to believe Joe biden got 80 million votes. What a scam.

  8. tim6666 says

    Big joke

  9. tim6666 says

    Where is our stimulus money you never said anything about anybody getting a package of stimulus money

  10. Color Me Influenced says

    I recognize the ASL translator Rorri Burton!!! She was on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!!!!

  11. cleverkins says

    Thank you, Mr. President-elect. Our family is looking forward to your leadership and compassion for all Americans.

  12. Allen M says

    No Medicare for All during a pandemic is corrupt.


    Happy Birthday, Mr. President Elect, Joe Biden.

  14. RalphGuiterrez says

    Ok citizen creepy Joe. But it appears you should be charged with the Logan Act and your concubine should be charged with disseminating government intelligence. With apparent other crimes that were released by your son Hunter. Peace

  15. Michelle M says

    It's November 20th, Trump's eviction day, & your birthday!😁Happy, Happy, Birthday Joe!!!!!!! ❤🎶🎁🎉

  16. Hot Club of the Mountains says

    Biden is a great Impeachment Candidate.


    The AP calling the election in no different than K-Mart calling the election.

  18. Tyler Robinson says


  19. Julie Joby says

    Sir today is my birthday (nov 20)
    If you wish me that will be the most important thing in my birthday🎂 please sir

  20. penny44224 says

    Happy Birthday Biden, I hope you have an blessed one!! 🎉🎂💙

  21. Pedro Teixeira says

    If Biden is the big guy, Obama is the bigger guy. Just that.

  22. Pedro Teixeira says

    All DemonRats are going to jail very soon…

  23. Florida says

    Dominion software was rigged for Biden, there is proof‼️ Biden is not President elect ‼️

  24. Ee Kay says

    Deathbed the biden war mongering family same people who supported the kkk and used the same tactic to confuse yall now. 2
    Biden is not my president.

  25. K Wayne says

    I wonder if Biden has already been given the Covid Vaccine and how long ago he was able to get it.

  26. yang wang says

    Left wing, where is the communist The left will be socialist, American people should keep their eyes open

  27. yang wang says

    They don't need to hit America directly, but hitting every step from economic culture to politics is enough to make America plunge, so this fraudulent election has revealed the true nature of malice. I hope Mr. Trump is re-elected to change the situation to make America clean again

  28. yang wang says

    In short, the left wing is a bandit that only wants to steal what people make available

  29. hope749 says

    The boss of this fraud election is HIM! George Soros! Send him to prison with all of you!

  30. Adon Wolff says

    All of these hateful comments towards President-Elect Biden are a shame. You may not agree with him, but at least show respect as he will be our future Commander-in-Chief. Let's be Americans – together.

  31. Pratama Putra says

    Don't worry people Joe is running for senate against George!

  32. Herk Youleez says

    What do you call the guy who graduated last in his class in medical school? "Doctor".
    What do you call the guy who graduated 76th in his class of 85 in law school? "Jim Crow Joe Biden".
    Where is the office of the president elect located?
    A. Middle Earth
    B. Narnia
    C. Gallifrey
    D. Joe Biden's imagination.

  33. Maverick Watch Reviews says

    Take a question or two Joey. I dare ya!

  34. sjow says

    I hate these swamp creatures

  35. Daniel Torres says

    What a phony

  36. Pedro Teixeira says

    Despacito 😝

  37. Will. says

    Biden and Obama killed 100,000 Libyans and 500,000 Syrians. How do you all feel about that? Trump never started a war.

  38. PatriotWatchUSA says

    Joe why don't you take all questions like TRUMP……… I KNOW WHY

  39. Joel Sanders says

    so funny…Joe Biden made up a new office called the office of President-elect. lol just another fraudulent lie just like his phony election.

  40. José armando Monreal says

    Gracias a biden and kamala por sacar a satanás de la casa blanca YESSSSSSSS

  41. No Thanks says

    There is a report button to report harmful or misleading information concerning videos, it's in the menu on the top right-hand corner for Android devices. This concludes this PSA.

  42. José armando Monreal says

    Bravo Bravo Bravo gloria a Dios por biden and kamala YESSSSSSSS

  43. Richard Wicks says

    Everybody having fun with the coup d'état?

  44. Pedro Teixeira says


  45. HC T says

    Self elected is called dictator, not president. Shame.

  46. Jer Jibe says

    Here's betting we never see you speak without a teleprompter again.

  47. Chutney King says

    Not my president

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