President Kovind gifts racing bicycle to schoolboy who dreams of excelling as cyclist


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In a gesture of motivating youth for nation-building, President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind chose a struggling school boy Riyaz, who dreams of excelling as cyclist, to gift him a racing bicycle. The President also wished him to become an international champion of cycling race and realise his dream through his hard work.

The bicycle delivered to Riyaz today (July 31, 2020), a day before Eid-al-Adha, comes as Eidi in true spirit of the festival that is marked by gifts given by elders to youngers. Riyaz’s story is quite educative for those struggling youth who come from the underprivileged class of society and yet dare dream big in their life.

A student of Class 9 at Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya at Anand Vihar in Delhi, Riyaz originally belongs to Madhubani district of Bihar. His family members – his parents, two sisters and one brother – live in Madhubani, while Riyaz stays in a rented accommodation in Maharajpur, Ghaziabad. To supplement his father’s paltry income as a cook, the boy in his free time works in an eatery in Ghaziabad as a dishwasher.

Riyaz’s passion is cycling, and he practises hard after studies and work. In 2017,he won the bronze medal in the Delhi State Cycling Championship. He went on to participate in a school games event in Guwahati, according to the District Magistrate, Ghaziabad, and achieved the fourth rank at the national level.

Enthused by his achievements so far, the boy has raised the bar and has been taking professional training from a coach, Shri Pramod Sharma. He regularly trains at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Delhi. Unfortunately, he had to depend on a borrowed sports cycle for his practice, and all that the budding champion wanted was a cycle of his own. His wish has finally been granted on the occasion of the Eid. The President came to know of Riyaz’s story of struggle through reports in the media.

Complimenting Riyaz for his achievements defying all odds, President Kovind wished him very best in the life and said that his story should serve as worthy of emulation for the country’s youth who must come forward for nation-building bydint of their dedication, hard work, courage and honesty.
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  1. soubhik pal says

    Hallo president I am trying 16 time to join Indian army but I don't success and now my age is over. But still my dream is army so please help me. My father is a retired army man and my brother is on duty. So I want to join Indian army. Now my age is 23 please please help me. I want to become a army.

  2. Aditi Mishra says

    Rashtrapati ji Ko mera Abhinandan


    Sir u r Osm

  4. Vaibhaw raj Mishra says

    Respect for sir from bottom of my heart ❤️

  5. Think Tank saysकाश इस वीडियो को हर एक भारतीय एक बार देख ले. इस वीडियो को देखे बगैर भारत से गरीबी कभी जा नहीं सकती.

  6. Nirakar Swain says

    Wow that's good

  7. Parwez Alam says

    All the best brother,

  8. Armaan Singh says

    Ab mulle yeah toh nahi bolengai ki government Sirf Hindu ka soachti hai

  9. SAJAD 2021 says

    Tell me NAME OF THIS BOY ?

  10. Rahul Gupta says

    Very nice sir


    May your all dreams come's true

  12. Khusi says

    #Justice for Manab Premi Aditya Dash… Odisha want CBI enquiry…. Future of Nation need SAFETY not SUICIDE…. please give safety first India Govt, odisha Govt, President sir then celebrate Raksha bandhan… vande mataram ??..

  13. Bohre अmaन says

    Superb effort by the president sir ???????????????????? जय हिन्द ???????????????? जय भारत ????????

  14. UPSC choudhary says

    Bharat me bani gift karte toh jyada acha lagta

  15. Sooraj Janardanan says

    Great ….gift racing bicycle …gift medal to nation …all the best Riyas…Thank you Excellency..

  16. PC EDUCARE says

    एक साइकिल मुझे भी दे दो

  17. Purni Thapa says

    Jay Hind , Mera Bharat Mahan ?? ?‍✈️

  18. Muthu Muthu says


  19. Muthu Muthu says


  20. Sumit Dev says

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  21. vipin thakur says


  22. Satyaprakash Satyu says

    Wows! So beautiful ❤❤Good luck with Love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤✌??????????????????????✌??

  23. Ajithasuresh Ajisuresh says

    Salute sir

  24. Aroosh Singh says

    Rashtrapati sahab ek cycle mere liye bhi please

  25. only Ras says

    Jai hind ?

  26. arti uk says

    Jai hind sir

  27. Mustak Kathat says

    Best president

  28. Ronak says

    मेने ऐसे कई छात्र देखे है जिस के पास टेलेंट है पर पैसे नही,ओर ये समाज भी सपोर्ट नही करता।हमारी फर्ज है कि टेलेंट दिखे तो उसको सही राह दिखा कर मदद करे।

  29. Grukul free Education says

    This cycle should be given to that bihari girl Who carried her father from delhi to bihar almost 1200km??

  30. I'M GUNSHOT says

    Bharti kbse hogi

  31. Manisha Sharma says

    Yes i read about the struggle of this boy today in Dainik Jagran newspaperRespect to you President Of India for your concern and gifting bicycle

  32. Akshat Maddheshiya says

    Well said Abraham Lincoln this is called : " Government of the people by the people and for the people "

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