1. Earl White says

    Great effort, but it looks like the cat beat you guys around the windward mark because you were inside and had to tack out to go around it? or am I mistaken? I've had this happen to me too! You are the one closest to the mark, but you can't round it because you are on the wrong side! ARRGH!

  2. Connor Gaston says

    Nice thing about catamarans is that when the windward hull comes out of the water your ''lever'' basically becomes longer, shifting the center of gravity towards the leeward hull  giving you more leverage and ability to keep the boat flat and faster!!      cool boat

  3. David Wild says

    Now stick it on foils like a moth.

  4. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    what a stupid comment…

  5. filmiggy says

    what a stupid class!

  6. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    Welche Liber war das ? 🙂

  7. Marco Colombo says

    Nice Vid! Habe mal als Main Trimmer auf ´n Libra gesegelt- trotz mächtige Übersetzung brauchte mn dicke Arme 🙂

  8. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    Keine Uhrsache.
    Mit libera zu fahren ist so, wie kein anderes. Es kann über 25 Knots schnell sein problemlos.

    Wenn Du mit Uns seglen willst, Du musst persönlich aufsuchen im Facebook! Im aug, haben wir Open Day.

    (Aber Ich kann nur im 2 wochen spater antworten, weil mein Flug geht bald.)

  9. AdDiCtEdToWiNd says

    …, hat sich bisher keine Möglichkeit für mich ergeben, mich mal einem Classe-A-Libera-Team vorzustellen.
    Joshi Entner kenne ich nur flüchtig, weiß also nichts genaueres über ihn.
    Da mir vor drei Jahren mein Vorschoter abhanden gekommen ist, musste ich meine Regatta-Kampagne auf dem 505er vorübergehend auf Eis legen.
    Dadurch kann ich jetzt auch mal andere Bootsklassen beschnuppern.
    Darunter auch Kielboote 😉
    Im Moment segel ich recht fleißig auf einer 8m One Design aus dem VSaW in Berlin.

  10. AdDiCtEdToWiNd says

    Hey Botond,
    vielen Dank erstmal, dass du dich bemühst in meiner Muttersprache mit mir zu kommunizieren 😉
    Bisher habe ich mich nicht sonderlich für Kielboote interessiert, was daran liegt das ich eigentlich durch und durch Jollensegler bin.
    Ich habe vor Jahren mal ein paar Classe Libera-Yachten auf dem Garda-und Genfer See beobachtet, welche meine Aufmerksamkeit sofort auf sich gezogen haben.
    Da ich allerdings nicht im süddeutschen Raum wohnhaft bin, sondern im norddeutschen,…

  11. AdDiCtEdToWiNd says

    Ooops…answer instead of question.
    Has been late yesterday 😉

  12. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    Wie Ich das sehe, im diese Spache ist geht leichter. 😉
    Dieses Boat war im Deutsches Hände 10 jahre lang.
    Also Du musst das kennen.
    "Joshi Entner"

    Aber, wenn Du mit Uns segeln willst, bitte schreib für Uns ein brief, im url: Facebook com principessasailingteam

    Und hast Du alle meine Principessa Videos gesehen?

  13. AdDiCtEdToWiNd says

    Well…that's an offer i can't reject 😉
    Very open-minded…nice attitude…keep it up!!!

  14. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    Hahahaa 😀 Look at for us on Facebook.
    Principessa sailing team.
    We can talk about that 😉

  15. AdDiCtEdToWiNd says

    Sailing keelboat like a dinghy…must be fun.
    What a movement while the boat is gybing…but initiated still too late.
    I will send you a portfolio of my sailing-skills and you will invite me or what?

  16. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    Of course! 😀 Like an AC75..

  17. Botond Kristof Penzes says


  18. AdDiCtEdToWiNd says

    Okay…after googlin…i found myself a question

  19. AdDiCtEdToWiNd says

    Is it a kind of Classe Libera or isn't it?
    good winds 😉

  20. 111violist says

    what about getting foils on it? 😀

  21. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    search for principessa sailing team on facebook 😉

  22. patrick miller says

    how does one join a yacht racing team?

  23. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    Gemini – Step Out Of The Ordinary
    Principessa Cold water

  24. AquariusEddie says

    I just did..and it was Amazing.Thank you so much.

  25. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    search for princpipessa moments! 😉

  26. AquariusEddie says

    I wish i could have seen this in 720p…

  27. KGladie says

    does it get tippyand ever capsize or dunk the crew?

  28. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    You have right. It's complicated.
    but not more like 49'r
    And this boat is same quick like a Extreme 40 Katamaran, and turn much faster, and sharper.
    And with downwind is better to.
    (sorry for my english)

  29. henzythefsxguy says

    Is there any point in having that many trapeze wires, seems way too overcomplicated. Surely better to just have slightly wider wings and just sit down, even better a trimaran so the outriggers stop you from teabagging? (Many times in the vid when the wind gusts or lulls and one side of the boat gets dumped in the water, must slow you down quite a bit.

  30. SportSoulLife says

    Not shure, if beeing sarcastic or not 😛

  31. Woodlore2007 says

    id probs have to sell my RS800 to buy one though,.. 😛

  32. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    have you been a good kid? 😀

  33. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    No. its a LIBERA "A", build in itali (Bruce Farr)

  34. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    So many thanks!! Thank you!
    you know how it works!
    You are a real sailor!

  35. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    So many thanks!! Thank you!
    you know how it works!
    You are a real sailor!

  36. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    Soo many thanks!!
    Principessa, Raffica, Gardazzurra, Speedy is on lake Balaton
    You find me on facebook. principessa sailing team !

  37. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    If you raced a lot, you know what that means apparel wind.
    and that the ship is so fast that we do not use headwinds kite!
    You are using in 40 degrees kites?
    i dont think so 😛

  38. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    No. Its a LIBERA "A" bulid in Italy. (Bruce Farr)

  39. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    the cat was slower
    and blunter

  40. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    20-22 knots

  41. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    its so faster. Much faster

  42. Botond Kristof Penzes says


  43. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    search im facebook. principessa sailing team

  44. Botond Kristof Penzes says

    Santa comming dec 25 .. 😀

  45. Woodlore2007 says

    Dear Santa…..

  46. MRTWINTURBO88 says

    Because a keel is just too mainstream

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