Pro Modified Drag Racing – MWDRS World Finals – Friday Qualifying


Midwest Drag Racing Series Pro Mod highlights from the Friday night qualifying sessions during Tulsa Raceway Parks Throwdown in T-Town event.

My goal is to bring High Quality footage of some the best Heads Up Drag Racing, No Prep, Street Racing, Mud Racing, Car Shows and anything else with wheels, While we are known for our 15+ years of Drag Racing coverage from Drag Strips all across the country and our Drag Racing DVD’s, our main focus now is providing our URBAN HILLBILLY VIDEOS YouTube channel a steady stream of new HD videos, as well as loading classic footage from the UHV vault. BIG THANKS to all of our subscribers!

  1. ปฎิภาณ กมสิน says


  2. IBRanger says

    I dunno
    There’s just something about a pro modified getting the win light, wearing a Trump Pence sticker…..
    Just sayin

  3. Wild Thug says

    who is going too win the 3 thundered grand

  4. Nathan York says

    I’ve seen that Richard petty pro mod for sale before

  5. Ps4 Gaming says

    That blue 43 dodge is for sale on a Facebook group from like three weeks ago


    Very cool !!!!!!!!! 👍👍👍👍

  7. Reckless Rider says

    I absolutely love that ratty Petty car!

  8. J2 .a says

    Are you from Tulsa you seem to have all our special events at the trac on tape

  9. Applejack Love says

    Yes mustang

  10. camaroguy 66 says

    Seems to me at this level of cars that turbos dont do so well. Blowers 1, nitrous 2 and turbos 3.

  11. Dan Myers says

    That blue turbo mustang…👊🏻

  12. DespizedICON says

    the bible belt of drag racing, God bless the Us.

  13. Melba Boulware says

    We need 1,4th a mile for these cars

  14. Melba Boulware says

    God bless america, Trump 2020

  15. Mr Shifter says

    Good Gracious, those guys/gals are murdering that track………awesome! Trump/Pence, Amy Barrett and all Republicans 2020

  16. Wanton110 says

    I bet the drag from the Trump flag cost about $10 in fuel

  17. Austyn Benninger Playz says


  18. Slick Mike says

    When the guy put a god bless america decal on the front bumper, he prematurely won every race

  19. foxxrider250r says

    This may be a stupid question but why is there a pro mod class when there is cars on radials that can go as fast or faster?

  20. chb2 official says


  21. DME EMD says

    You guys always put out the best content from the races when you're there! I was watching, while I was up there on the line of people I knew that were racing or you can work for and saw you guys bouncing all over the place getting the great coverage you always do! You guys are always great to talk to you as well, thanks for the awesome coverage and I never understand why people don't put effort into showing the scoreboard, in your case it was really cool that there was a mirror reflection from the lens that made it even more visible 🙂 🙂 awesome footage per usual thanks again!

  22. John Wick says

    6:58 redlit and still got the win

  23. John Wick says

    3:37 exact et's & mph HOLY CRAP WOW

  24. SUNN RAYY says

    🔥🔥🔥🔥FOOTAGE 🏁

  25. Racer #65 says

    I wish my home track prepped like this

  26. Joseph Pacchetti says

    Gotta love those Pro Mods 👍 🇺🇸 Thanks guys.

  27. North Uist says

    Dude – this is great!

  28. Paulo Faraco says

    Show 😎

  29. TRB 101 says

    0:24 damn i remember when this got added to doorslamers 2

  30. Motersickle Bum says

    an eighth mile isn't enough for these monsters.

  31. Scott H says

    65👍's up guys thanks again for taking us all along with you

  32. EngiNetion says

    Sounds like America

  33. Norm Macdonald Show says

    Thanks for uploading.

  34. Beer Hounds Beer Reviews! says

    So fast its unreal!

  35. Achmad Ibadi says

    Buat lgi bang

  36. Toyota Supra OwO says

    I wanna do back flip

  37. Braydon Wixom says


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