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  1. Goose says

    im actually pretty triggered that you reload after shooting like 5 rounds.

  2. Lukyboygames 1000 says

    How is your aim so good. Even in squad huh

  3. Jose Chavez says

    What's the game called?

  4. Sourav Biswas says

    Which game is this?????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. MinatoAce says

    One of the sweatiest SQUAD game I ever watched…and it was so close. GG

  6. Dane Blackburn says

    shroud on squad i never thought id see the day and damn hes always good lmao

  7. Temzpest says

    Do a pubg throwback

  8. Taj Kolosci says

    Play insurgency sandstorm my guy it's great and needs more players my guy

  9. PsychaChi says

    Shroud I blame DrDisrespect for the doc bois coming in and ruining the game.

    At least Shroud bois have some aim and respect to play a tactical shooter correctly or willing to learn.

  10. Daniel Rohrpasser says

    which GPU he use? already RTX 3080?

  11. _ MQdSH says

    Shroud try R6 again

  12. BituPlays says

    shroud you are my inspiration to keep going and struggling in YouTube. Thank you from Bottom of my Heart


    Hey shroud idk if u will see this but in CSGO your my idol and u r the only person that made me play aggressively and competitive people would say your just a dumb 13 year old but idc I want to get a camera and a setup instead of playing in internet cafe’s but I can’t afford it but I’m saving is there any tips that can help me grow up my channel thank u….

  14. Aditya Firoda says

    11:12 I'm throwing my computer

  15. Jxdgement says

    i wish theres a game like this on mobile :<

  16. ALAN DMSJ says

    And PUBG??? New map 😍😎

  17. block head says

    What game is this

  18. Ian W says

    RISING STORM 2 (Vietnam)

  19. Akash Anand says

    Me when I search for Aim-Bot in my dictionary:
    Aim-Bot: Noun, Synonyms w. "Shroud"

  20. Arick Talukdar says

    boring game…

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