Prosys Pentium 4 System Exploration


More like “former” P4 system.

I had the board on the “bench”, and while I could get standby power, it did not turn on. When I forced the power supply on, something on the board exploded in violent fashion…except I don’t know what! Nothing looks obviously burnt or anything.

The case, power supply and other peripherals will be the basis of a project.

  1. milenniumedition 56 says

    What did you use to record this? It looks unusually sharp, if it is one of your VHS camcorders. 🙂

  2. uxwbill says

    Without support for Core 2 Duo chips (went and checked on it), I don't think that board is worth a recap.

    It's a wonder the floppy drive and cage being loose inside didn't gouge into the LGA 775 socket!

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