PUBG Season 9 Highlands Lobby Music Theme New Map Paramo | 9.1 Music PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS


Lobby Music for Season 9: Highland wit hthe upcoming new map #Paramo

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Eyes on Worlds (2017)

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  1. An4reY says

    Guys its a honor to meet you there after a long trip trough this game

  2. Ahmad M48 says

    Every thing looks great in this season BUT
    This map won't be available for ever :'(

  3. 、こうだい says

    3>>1=8=9>6>7>4>5>early access>2
    Good enough.

  4. furki says

    Can you show the battlepass ? And maybe the item shop? If you can see some item of course..

  5. drenthefilmmaker says

    I saw on the patch notes the new map TPP Squads only, WHATTT ?

  6. Thành Hưng Võ says

    Wait,will there be rpgs spawning in the new map?In the teaser the helo was shot down by a rpg

  7. Pistol Pete says

    I don't understand how there's a dirt bike on a tiny ass 3×3 map…

  8. itzlibo says

    Hey, will be on test servers or experimental servers, soon ?

  9. YosTop i says


  10. Soulja4life504 ⚜ says

    Are you going to do a new video with all the skin in the season pass

  11. Xertfi says

    I got goose bumps lol

  12. Dryed Hunter says

    Link for the photo please🙏💕

  13. JoaquinDoesRandomStuff says

    Hey playerIgn is the map on test servers already? Because i want to see it

  14. JoaquinDoesRandomStuff says

    I love it!

  15. Soumitra Kar says

    When is it coming to test server

  16. THE PRO GAMER says

    See u guys in paramo

  17. EliteClyder X says

    Miramar will be the biggest map ever I guess…

  18. Zax says

    When we will get the patch notes?

  19. Alexandre says

    Again. Thanks for you're work dude. 👌

  20. Bald GUY says

    Is this a "TOMB RAIDER" theme..??

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