1. Danio Hokage says


  2. Giovanni Caruso says


  3. joelgamersonic 64 says

    I want this to work on my xbox how do you clean it

  4. inconnu trkl says

    super Good

  5. lionel messi says

    this luks come out¿¿?

  6. lionel messi says

    juego descargamelo por fa

  7. No Man's Sky says

    am i the only one who actually likes this game?

  8. oh tysonnn says


  9. Pinkie Pie says

    Pure Football? More like Pure Fuck.

  10. Daniel Bridgett says

    Gerrards gace at1:05 lol

  11. Grommash Hellscream says


  12. IanRush77 says

    great trailer, terrible game

  13. Tim Lynch says

    Why does Gerrard look like a 12 year old?

  14. GreatMusic says


  15. 3bdalm7sn says

    pure balls and shit , pes is waaaaay better

  16. Dr. Matthew Boley says

    The newest training football in the world that has helped many pros get better and kids start out is the new popit ball sold here thepopitballgame dot c om

  17. crap2321 says


  18. Narotaka2 says

    GERRARD at the end:YEAH IM THE INCREDIBLE HULK!!!!!5 mins later…..OH GOD my groin

  19. sulaiman97yes says

    God, gerrard looks like the incredible hulk at the end… 😛

  20. Paulo Carvalho says

    Even PES is better than this XD

  21. Yury Glazman says

    It should be called PURE SHIT

  22. Filipe Maciel says

    Why should everybody is strong? LOOOOOOOL

  23. maribob19 says

    I have the game and THIS IS THE BESTTTTT, omg I love the game, this is a very crazy and fun omg plz buy the game

  24. LFCEOIN says

    wtf look at gerrard lol

  25. IproIsaac says

    that is soccer !!!!!!

  26. Elltrix says

    @MASterG369 Oh, you've played it? Lololl

  27. Elltrix says

    Finally, a game that's not destroyed by EA

  28. Marcello Barbosa says


  29. PaulinhosmBR says

    looks like fifa 2001, watch the gameplay.

  30. Willian Souza says

    oh no, not another fifa street3, FAIL.

  31. zirkovStar says

    странный какой то футбол. 5 на 5. названия тоже жестокое. мол в остальном он грязный.

  32. MapmanDex says

    football isnt actually like this i enjoy seeing a beautifully executed 1-2 pass or cross more than the crunch of a tackle which if done properlydont have to get alot if the ball.

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