Q&A! Botox, Moving to Canada, My Worst Traits, Hate Comments, Travel Plans


I answer all your burning questions! On getting Botox, moving to Canada, travel goals, my worst character traits & more! If you want to win a full set of Too Faced Bronzers, SUBSCRIBE to this channel and answer the following question in the comments: If you could have lunch with anyone dead or alive, who would that be and why? The giveaway is open worldwide and is open until July 10, 2017.




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  1. ScoopGirl says

    I'd love to have lunch again with my grandma. She passed away over almost ten years ago. If I could have one more moment with her, it would be that.

  2. Carolina Delgado says

    Hi, Julia! I'm from Buenos Aires Argentina! You should come here ! Love your channel!

  3. wthristin says

    I'd love to grab lunch with Lana Del Rey. I could listen to her songs on repeat forever and she seems like a very warm, intelligent person to chat with.

  4. Annabelle Llamido says

    My "Papa" i miss him lots

  5. AnneOther says

    I agree it is definitely harder to backpack later on, but I never made the leap after school so I am currently in Cambodia on a 6 month backpacking trip around Asia with my husband and I turn 30 next month

  6. Alexander B Brown! says

    Hey Juila Graf Best Wonderful Wishes LOVE Alex!😍👍💚💚💖

  7. Stephanie G says

    There's just something about you that I just love! You look extra pretty in this video.

  8. Jem Leav says

    I love your videos Julia! Keep it up! <3

  9. Beth W L says

    I would like to have lunch with Lucille Ball.  I Love Lucy!  She can be the funniest woman, but also the most wise at the same time.  It would be a very interesting time, for sure!

  10. Anna Lesfleurdumal says

    I would go to lunch with my Grandma ( my moms mom), she passed away when I was about 15 years old and I would love to just have a woman to woman chat with her now that I'm Married. I have fond memories of her from when I was a child, but I would like to get to know her as a woman and not just my Grandma.

  11. Diana Dubarry says

    i d love to lunch with einstein

  12. Lola says

    I would go to lunch with my love.. He's far away and even if I know will never be together that only chance to have lunch and see him will be everything for me

  13. gabittzu189 says

    with Gordon Ramsay so he can teache me about cooking.

  14. CookingAndBakingwithBelle says

    Haha I didn't know you lived in Montreal! I live in Ottawa and have gone so many times to Montreal to Picnik Electronik! So much fun

  15. Caitlin Bahr says

    Omg YouTube unsubscribed me from this channel, even though I was watching your vlogs from my subscription like two days ago! Wtf, YouTube. That never happened to me with your other channel or any others as far as I know.

  16. pratiksha gaonkar says

    I would love to go out for a lunch with Salman Khan(Bollywood Actor)…He is my favorite actor since i was a child….i have watched almost all films of him and i can watch them a hundred times and not get tired of watching them….i just love him…But i could never meet him to tell him i'm his biggest fan…A lunch date with him will just be awesome.

  17. tifany kelly says

    I would have lunch with my grandmaw if I could she was my mom my best friend my everything, I wouldn't want her to suffer all over again but it would be amazing to have my heart back :)Thank you for this amazing giveaway!!!! Good luck everyone

  18. Kiki Tamis-Noordman says

    I would have lunch with my "omi". She was the family friend of my mothers' parents, and when they died she was worried she had nobody to take care of her like my mom did for her parents, because she was always a sister and did not have any children, a husband or other family. My mother, of course, told her that she would take care of her, and from that moment on, something beautiful was created! She became my grandmother, a true, loving, sweet, nan. If I could only share with her that I too started believing and am now a Christian, that I met this wonderful man and that we're getting married, she would be over the moon, to see me happy, and I would love to just eat applesauce with a cherry on top and drink a glass of red wine with her!

  19. Zenia Shah says

    Hmmm a lunch with my cousin who passed away last year. I wish I could tell him how much he meant to all of us and he will be in our hearts forever

  20. MizzMadeUp says

    thats an interesting question….very hard ….but i Think by granddad….i never had the chance to meet him he died when my dad was only 20 years old…..i know my dad like my self has been formed a lot from this Amazing man…and would be amzing to see him….thanks for sharing ….one of my favourite vlogs or what ever u call it…is the one u did some years ago when u told your story about your Life…..you´ve done some drawings…and told it so good…and just layed Everything out there…thank u for keep doing this….you´re true inspiration..lots of love from Sweden

  21. Kathleen Lucas says

    I would love to have gone to lunch with Jon Lennon. During his life he was pro life against war etc etc.. I would love to pick his brain on his thoughts on current affairs and if not just listen to him song.

  22. Caitlin Bahr says

    Beyoncé! Because duh. Or Malala because she is such an inspiration and a true hero.

  23. Sophiyka says

    I would love to have dinner with my father. He passed away unexpectedly three years ago. I didn't get to see him and I would trade everything to see him again and to have a conversation with him.

  24. rgb123 owlgirl says

    I would have lunch with Prince, I just love him and his music so much!!

  25. Melissa Droira says

    I would love to have lunch with my mom because I am from Ecuador but I live in Switzerland but I never get to see her. She is my best friend and I miss her everyday, I wish we wouldn't live so far away 💕

  26. Salma says

    I'm so happy you're not the stereotypical loud youtuber ! They irritate me also and I feel too old to relate and I can't really feel that I have things in common with louder, younger youtubers, especially those who try to push you to buy useless stuff etc… don't change !

  27. Salma says

    I'd have lunch with Simone Veil (recently deceased French feminist) or with Julia Graf ! I feel that following you for so long, that I sort of got to know you so I would love to discuss with you decluttering, being a vegetarian, life in Montreal etc…

  28. Aimee Alexander says

    Definitely lunch with the Obamas, such an inspirational family in my opinion

  29. Lela says

    My dad. We lost him two years ago.
    It makes me so sad to read how many people lost their loved ones…

  30. Elsie says

    Lunch with my mum because I live far away from her and don't see her very often because of it and only can I fly to see her but it's very expensive. She's been there for me financially throughout my university time even when sometimes she would go without. She's one of the most important people in my life.

  31. Susie Moy says

    I would like to have lunch with you! I've been watching you for a long time, hope you stop by NYC sometime in the near future and do a meet and greet 🙂

  32. Zahra Alsharaf says

    I would have lunch with my late grandma (maternal). I never got the chance to meet her, cause she passed away a year before my mom got married. I've always heard such amazing stories about her from my mom, aunts, and cousins. I wish I could have met her. ❤️

  33. Sunflower Vegan says

    I'd like to have lunch with my mom. She passed away 5 years ago from cancer rather unexpectedly and I miss her all the time.

  34. Marie M says

    I would have lunch with my paternal great grandfather. Just have loads of questions about the family history. 😊

  35. Bleisicz Réka says

    Hello Julia! First of all I love all you videos because you are so true to yourself,you are such an inspiration. Your question is not an easy one! I would like to have lunch with my dad who killed himself 15 years ago and I still have many questions. And also would love to have lunch with Lilly Singh because I would love to know her even more 😊
    Thank you and good luck to everyone! ❤❤❤

  36. Svetlana Plys says

    I would have lunch with my sister,we haven't seen each other in over 3 years,we communicate virtually but is not the same. I wish we would hug often instead of arguing when living together 😔

  37. Saskia Gräf-Huber says

    Queen Anne Boleyn. I Love her. My Favoriten queen of England. I would ask her so much about her life.

  38. Shufrah Alam says

    Princess Diana. Definitely.

  39. Jessie Cozad says

    My grandparents. My mothers parents died when she was young and I know they would be so proud of her. I think it would be amazing to sit down and just hear them talk and tell stories like all grandparents do. I would really like that.

  40. brenoox3 says

    i would go to lunch with my pap, he passed away a few years ago and i didn't know him as well as i wish i did. one lunch together would be awesome to have some good conversation and get to know more about him/his life.

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