Racing Against F1 Drivers In The VCO Pro/Sim Series


Pretty crazy return to iRacing tbh

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  1. Jimmy Broadbent says

    No idea why live chat isn't showing, sorry lads.

  2. David Vanmeter says

    I thought I knew a little about racing but I didn’t know a single pro in this race! Hahaaa! Guess I should stick to off-road and nascar.

  3. Oscar Wild says

    1:14:03: Is that Glock??? 😂

  4. bladechildx says

    Like I get it it's a serious event but getting DQ'd for not going to the pits after the race is finished is really lame, like Jimmy said at least it was the fun race.

  5. James Richards says

    Anyone know the banger at 49:23?

  6. Pablo López says

    Thanks for the call before the quali Jimmer, was so pumped afterwards! What a race my friend 💜💜💜

  7. Blodershade Donald productions says

    How was it at may's?

  8. Ahmad Habib says

    Jimmer: Racing against F1 drivers

    Me: Flashbacks of Racing with Verstappen "Clickbait"

  9. Ketronik says

    Lol that briefing….I watched it live and couldn't stop laughing for some reason ahahahah

  10. The Boi says

    Yo Jimmer, are you gonna be suffering today?

  11. Chris Bell says

    Charlie – if you're reading this – I'm much the same age as you, and some of Jimmy's Millennial meme chat passes me by as well.

  12. MrSamooska says

    F for that screenshot.

  13. Tony Kanaan says

    Nice having you with us mate

  14. Justin Mayfield says

    You were seriously distracted. Focus and you'll be way faster.

  15. Bongo Baggins says

    These graphics are making me nostalgic for F1 2009 on the Nintendo Wii

  16. Ron Knox says

    Gotta cheer for Bruno Robert Wickens and Daniel Morad, Team Canada

  17. Ste J says

    well raced J 🙂 . it could be a good series , they definately need to spend more on production than they do on biscuits though! and the commentary……….. wow lol

  18. Volkquin says

    Grosjean/Petitjean haha

  19. Adam Northey says

    i feel so fucking terrible for grosjean, i stopped by one of his streams practising the f3s and the poor guy just gets spammed by "i think ericcson hit us" every second post on his chat. he seems like such a nice guy too

  20. Antonius Tyaswidyono says

    Wait why do I hear Tatsu Yamashita during the stream…

  21. StufffTV says

    2:18:292:19:28 – Racecraft lesson

  22. Landon Baker says

    48:47 what’s the song

  23. DeepHorizon says

    Name of the song at 49:10?

  24. Daniel Nicola says

    Its a mirical for me why a good race sim cant look good too…. The Graphics looks like shit!

  25. HeerYanus says

    The way you struggled with all the Dutch names (except Max's of course) LOL. Johb van Oiiturd. Bejetski Viiisher. I have yet to watch this stream back but this has already made it

  26. Tombrosapien says

    Im a new subscriber and want to let everyone know the end credits song is running in the 90’s slowed down ok bye

  27. Fred P says

    Why is the chat replay disabled on all the streams on this channel lately?

  28. Alec Hubbard says

    I didn’t get the notification, what the hell?!?!?

  29. Aditya Patnaik says

    Aye that's my friend Soumil on the comms!

  30. 69Dobby says

    Great racing,1st race was amazing,older cars.Wish theyd race even older ones.

  31. NottsKing Co says

    Hi Bumface! 🍑

  32. Guille Sanchez says

    Could you have issues with the setup?? Those lines looked decent……shit laps?

  33. David Lein says

    Race Starts at 1:57:41. 2nd Stint at 2:41:46.

  34. Mike Swannick says

    I'm not an iRacer so probably a noob question, but for the races where the real world cars have H shifters, must you have the hardware and appropriate bindings in place to race in an iRacing series or can you just use whatever controller system you happen to have?

  35. sebrr says

    i just missed this 🙁

  36. Spetz Motorsport says

    Yes hes back in the sim🔥😎

  37. Pedro Nunes says

    3:13:30 that timming 🤣

  38. Lachlan MacDonald says

    Jimmy go brrrr

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