Racing driver's clutch tips for everyday driving


Casey Putsch talks about the finer points of driving a manual transmission in his 1997 Dodge Viper GTS for everyday and new drivers as well as the sportsman. Toe-heel downshifting, double clutching shifts, single clutching shifts, how much to slip a clutch, take off and tempo.

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  1. Hunter Quinn says

    Thanks for trashing your clutch for us on now you have a reason to upgrade!

  2. Juan says

    I love this guy he’s funny with it and is very educational

  3. Ab Ba says

    Should also mention: spinning tyres on a rear wheel is much more difficult than a front wheel car. Nicely illustrated here is that even a Viper may have issues with it. Front wheel cars spin tyres easily, because they are inefficient by concept. If you have a turbo-diesel, front wheel drive, and manual gearbox, you need only 40 horsepower to spin your wheel. In a rear wheel, you need 200 hp to do the same.

  4. Ab Ba says

    "everyday driving", takes a Viper. Totally not showing off … At least take a 4 cylinder diesel, if you know what that is.

  5. Marlon Senanayake says

    lv this video ???

  6. IASEAGLE5 says

    ”I hope I don't get wheelspin"…drives a ViperLEGENDARY

  7. Mohamed MELLAK says

    "If i was just being sporty on th street This would be the tempo of my feet…"4:42Pure. Poetry. !!!

  8. 233kosta says

    Some of that oscillation is down to engine management too

  9. SaiGonEz WRX-APBT says

    I just wanted to say this has been one if the best videos i've watched in a long time .Subbed Casey ! Your a legend .And personally i need to double clutch more and get better at it .Also the Viper has been my dream car since i was a kid in 96!

  10. Jay R12 says

    22 year old car enthusiast. Live in Rual country Pennsylvania . Our back roads and country twist and turns are almost race track esque. Learned on a mazdaspeed3 stage 2 clutch. Not the best time. But bought 2 ep3 Si's ( Honda) and now a turbo mazdaspeed3 with 300whp. These videos help me have more control and fun on my spirited back road driving. Thank you so much. Well put explanations. manual transmission is a dying breed and i want to pass it on and continue driving manual

  11. n S says

    Nice video on how to kill your clutch

  12. greengenesis says

    Yes, if you learn to drive in europe, you usually learn shift stick. BUT that doesn't mean you learn what double clutching, or heal and toe is. That's not something you're usually tought in driving school (anymore), so thank you sir. 🙂

  13. Mr Orange says

    The 97 Viper is my all timer. Beautiful car. Also, as a Euro snob, I learned a great deal. Cheers!

  14. doubleT84 says

    You want some real nice double clutch action? Ferrari 250 GTO Hillclimb:

  15. Jerald Maxwell says

    We need more people like you!:D Loved the video!!

  16. chez421 says

    I like shifting without the clutch once I'm out of 1st or coming back to 1 st, cars or bikes, makes no difference to me.

  17. Milsolen says

    Except for the dubbel clutch i knew all of it but im was wondering how to heel toe gas and brakes tho

  18. Manderz says

    First driving a sports car. Parking lot lunges I've done ….thank you for explaining why this happens so well!

  19. Jelle Smits says

    Euro snob tip: Rest your foot next to the clutch pedal instead of on top of the pedal to remove unnecessary wear.

  20. Megh Banerjee says

    Amazing stuff to learn ❤️

  21. matt gammell says

    do the higher stage clutches have Syncro springs and do you need to double-clutch to prevent over-wearing on the ceramic plates on these higher stage clutches? Also, how do you transition from gear to gear while on the edge of the traction point while still holding the point of less traction?

  22. foxtrot789 says

    It's called the friction point.

  23. GoukiDonz says

    Keep your foot off the clutch was what my dad use to tell me

  24. Chris Kelly says

    Manuals save young drivers lives. Car industry just pumps out more driving aids and it has resulted a generation of absent minded idiots in control of deadly weapons. Not discriminating by age, I see 50 year olds rolling down the road glued to their phones. When you learn on a standard transmission, especially in a slow car, you are forced to pay attention to traffic patterns and be aware of your surroundings. Pretty sure I saw and the Viper on Petrolicious, love to see drivers cars being driven!

  25. Kevin krzykowski says

    Dam them dad shoes lol

  26. allen teo says

    he didn't even switch the gear to neutral and straight turn off the engine at the end??

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