Racing for Rupees


Link wants a new shield but doesn’t have enough rupees!

What!? I actually finished a video!? Impossible! Here’s a goofy little short I finally finished after starting and scrapping about 5 much more ambitious projects. I’m gonna try and enter that Dota short film contest, so I’ll be seeing you guys again real soon!

Thanks to all the wonderful people who ported all those Zelda models! I have to say they weren’t too animation-friendly but they were still fun to work with!

Song used:
Hyrule Castle Town – TTP and OoT
Death Mountain I think – TTP(?)
Some Boulder song thing from Skyward Sword
Burmo or Burma’s Theme from Skyward Sword (?)
Training(?) from Wind Waker

Made using Source FIlmmaker, Sony Vegas, and GIMP

God bless!

  1. AbsterArt says

    Came back 5yrs later because I got into LoZ again and man this never got old

  2. とめいと says


  3. nery3030 says

    That shield can not brake

  4. JD Mo Vi says


  5. Kalie Faul says

    0:09Cheap-a-zoid shield. On fire. Has, like, four arrows sticking out of it………………and yet, Link still looks surprised that it blew up. IN HIS FACE.I’m done. ?????

  6. Jennifer Sattler says

    I love when the girl showed up with the guards. She was like, surprise! Now you get what you deserve: a good beatup!!!!!

  7. The Shadowgunner says

    How did you make the sound effects for these?

  8. Крыса Себастьянович says

    "Your Deku Shield Broken!"Me: shit, damn keeses"Your Hylian Shield Broken!"Me: o h S H I T

  9. William Guzman says

    oh damn! even the red potion pot had rupees!

  10. Jack Mull says

    Me in Zelda getting Ruby’s 1:19

  11. Samantha Perez says

    Literally Link and Ilia are the good looking ones and the guy with the shield doesn’t even have facial features?At least I think that’s Ilia….I also love how Midna was the one who needed the thing. Tell me what it is please.

  12. Karen Barboza says

    3:48 hey hey mr policeman vibes

  13. _모락 says

    can someone tell me which link is this everything is twilight princess except link's clothes

  14. Крыса Себастьянович says

    Link: doesn't know that Hylian Shield price is 80 rupeysEveryone: stupidLink: going to GRAVEYARD but NOT FOR SHIELDEveryone: KING OF STUPIDS

  15. bogdan team says

    Crazy link

  16. ESELJOSE OH says

    Nostalgia 🙂

  17. Karen Barboza says


  18. Maricrak el pro says

    2:00 wath

  19. vadkvi vadkvi says

    Its SFM video

  20. Lubna Hanani says

    Ben vs Sonic the hedgehog ?

  21. Wandering Isam says

    The eye twitching part got me?????

  22. McKenzie Beane says

    3:38 lolImagine if he got eaten by a Like Like instead. When you get eaten by those you lose your shield.

  23. McKenzie Beane says

    This would honestly make a way better Zelda cartoon than the one we already got. I seriously hate that Zelda cartoon. Just like in the CDI games. Links voice is terrible in the cartoon. He sounds like Fred from Scooby Doo. But this actually has some potential.

  24. le pigeon de youtube says


  25. Dirk Kat says

    I love that there is a shop where they put the rupees in pots lmao. Explains why you got rupees after smashing pots in oot.

  26. James gamerz boi lol says

    Link: I want G A M S

  27. SpArKlInG wAtEr says

    I used to see this when i was a little girl ??

  28. Mario Brady Jr says

    H I. Y. A

  29. Smashman 57 says

    Trying to get the skeleton outfit in Mario Odyssey be like

  30. SportsGaming2011 says

    2:06 “am I really going to defile this grave for money… OF course I am”

  31. Kayleigh Haines says

    great animation and storytelling. you have the characters, what the character needs, what the characters is struggling to get, plot, obstacle and resolution

  32. Mariote 780 says

    3:06 god i love that scream

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