1. David Jessee says

    Thisisnt racing

  2. vettonator says

    What a crazy finish! This is the first time I got to actually see what happened. I paid 15 bucks the day of the race and saw the whole thing right up to the last lap when the stream dropped out for some reason and I never got to see what happened. Brent's a good dude so I'm glad to see he won it.

  3. Steve Anthony says

    I got to admit I watched your videos on and off for years but this one actually made me subscribe

  4. Steve Anthony says

    14:07 He did a good job of over steering when he came in too hot in that corner.

  5. Zac Wynd says

    When Brent and Kyle hugged ❤️

  6. ericgorder1 says

    Dramatic way to finish 1st by going backwards! It's like the "Shake and bake" boys theme! Remember Ricky Bobby finished 1st by going backwards? You da man Brent! Amen!

  7. Chad Davis says

    So like…. what were danny Duncan's shenanigans? Lol

  8. Xavier Henry says

    6:10 lm crying 😂 “PUT IT IN RICE!!!”

  9. paulyy drewyy says

    Now you told us who wins I don't need 2 watch it

  10. JayMillz517 says


  11. Westernciv Company says

    Dude that footage inside the cabin was so spot on. Unreal driving boys!!! LETS FREAKING GO!!!!

  12. Johnny Turbo says

    That is some cool ass SH!T

    The winner couldn't have gone to a nicer guy! Well done BRENT!

    .001 win …. 🤯🤯🤯


  13. K spaz says

    I’m tearing up for Brent man he is the motha &@&)”)(& man hell ya love you boss

  14. theJman says

    5:13 After watching demolition ranch video
    You bastard lol

  15. Jose Rotary says

    Those look crispy, congrats Brent lol 💯👍👍👍

  16. David Bigar says

    Congratulations to PFI !

  17. Donald Fuller says

    There are some goofs that shouldn't be invited back like whistling diesel and Danny Duncan.

  18. 2INFINITI&beyond says

    I think Brent was emotional, not cause he won the race, but having the realization that he’s living out his dream with all his closest friends. Congrats guys, y’all made it.

  19. Ratomir Filipovic says


  20. Ikaro 11 says

    Congratulations Brent and Jaimy!

  21. A Ho says

    The guy in the orange car thinks he's playing a video game, hits the nitrous every straight away and it's probably empty lol ugh even in the games it's not unlimited

  22. Wezza 1990 says

    Don’t get how people are disliking the video it was so good

  23. Adrian Miranda says

    Put the setup from the busted one into the blue one and leave it alone and do something crazy (2jztt) with the busted one. Old school v8 build would be a dope series for Brent’s page. Switch it up a bit and attract different crowds.

  24. Burndown says

    Great job on the video man. I have watched a few other channels and I feel like you did a great job on brining the action without making it boring at all! Looking forward to the next one!!

  25. shartne says

    Emilio destroyed Demolition Ranch car. I was watching Demolition Ranch guy and he said we got took out right away by somebody?? He didnt know who. You killed Chrome Jesus car man.

  26. Khaba Australia says

    No better winner Brent the hardest helper out there and always greased. Brent your the man

  27. Hornet 606 says

    Tom Cruise ,save me Tom Cruise save me . .

  28. Payton Newman says

    " i got music in the car brothaaaa" haha

  29. trent adams says

    That moment Brent hugs Kyle.. U could feel that emotion.. bromance

  30. RedogZuk says

    Well done guys. Awesome vid. Brents hair is too long on top 😁👍🏼

  31. Thyshallfear says

    I don't think Danny Duncan will be invited back

  32. Preludedriver95 says

    So crazy!!! You guys rock! Love every video, never gonna stop watching you guys!

  33. TheShubbah says

    " I just wish I could grow a mullet.."

    man… Jamie you just made me LOL for real at 1:23am! hope I didn't wake everyone.

    Brent and Jamie deserved it so much! so pumped for them both

  34. White Raven says

    Let the good times roll lol

  35. Aposto 1 says

    Brent won it by a hair Whoopie Goldberg‘s voice

  36. ImportRacer4Life says

    Brent deserved it more then anyone! Still fucking epic he want it in reverse none the less lol congratulations to all the PFISpeed/BoostedBoiz

  37. Mandem says

    Brent deserved it 100%!!!

  38. Dean Gibbons says

    I gots to say I'm chuffed for jamie and brent wat a deal I'm proper happy for the fam nice job boys 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  39. Sticker Chief says


  40. Scuba Steve8403 says

    That el camino is mills motorsports blue. He should do a tribute wrap to old man mills.

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