Racing Wildcat For Pink Slips!


Download Asphalt 9 for free on the Switch today! Thank you to Gameloft for sponsoring this video.



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Outro Song is HI-HO by [B]- Rogers

  1. BasicallyIDoWrk says

    Asphalt 9 is available for Free on Switch #Ad

  2. 明かりAkari says

    We all already know what will happen when Brian starts playing.

  3. DRVNgg says

    Asphalt 6 & 7 were the best ones. But they’re not compatible with iOS 14 anymore :/

  4. IssDiddy says

    These were the only good mobile games along with csr racing

  5. _xnxly_art says

    Hey … cane from an among us game

  6. Reinaldo Perez Jr says


  7. Epiknis 303 says

    That corvette in the thumbnail lookin hot

  8. Im_Elijah_Gaming says

    Wait I could have swore that this was also on mobile for iPhones

  9. SEVEN 11 says

    Wildcat POV was so funny lol

  10. HeadCase says

    New editor???

  11. Casey Jones says

    "the nismo" lol

  12. vXext says

    Is it only on switch

  13. Sunny dog says

    That cover art is pretty. I just stared at that for a little then pressed on the video

  14. Phantom Emperor66 says

    I played that in the og days when it was out

  15. JAYDEN PARKER says

    I love you basically please keep making videos

  16. TheCrazyMonkeyGamer says

    At the end of the day it’s still a mobile game put on a switch 🤣

  17. Outer Dutch237 says

    After watching Wildcat he has the better car

  18. Lucas Hamm says


  19. Amaan says

    Swear the cars in the thumb nail are their own. Marcells stage 2 golf and wildcats c8

  20. joe brown Jr. says

    BTW its also on mobile and PC

  21. Morton Monkeys says

    Do more!!!!!!

  22. ThatAnthroGamer says

    This game reminds me soo much of Burnout 3 Takedown. So much so that I imagined "Phych Out!" popping up during the bit at 6:30

  23. Shane Reddy says

    I’m liking this so you get that sponsored vid guap

  24. Victor Sanchez says

    American: 1 Foreign: 0

    Basically, you fucking up 😐

  25. yapster5995 says

    Little secret, Marcel. You can start your nitro while spinning/rolling midair. From there you get some boost back per successful spin or roll. I also suggest mainly using the level 1 nitro or perfect nitro for consistency and longevity.

  26. Mystic TK says

    What’s up

  27. Ross Reyes says

    Everytimee marcel screams I always remember Finn the Human.

    Maybe because it's his GMod skin for a long time.

  28. The Jazz says

    Is that a Virtual Fighter Customization theme I hear?

  29. Cristian Bueno says

    I used to like wildcat then he raced with a camaro

  30. Narpy Fan says

    Y got the P1 in asphalt

  31. Amir Kelow says

    POV: you've already watched Wildcats perspective so your ready to watch Marcel get destroyed in every race.

  32. Sparda says

    This is a bad game

  33. Rust Eze Red 95 says

    I wanna see more of this no cap

  34. anthony valencia says

    In the dumbnail didn't they use wildcat real life car and marcel real car too

  35. Star Foxx says

    4:43 Marcel's car looks like a Nintendo switch xD

  36. neckdeepjohn says

    Pls do more videos like this

  37. KEYA KAR says

    Are you coping the thumbnail style of Shroud?

  38. KenBoCole says

    Yall need to legit start a forza horizon series.

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