Razorback Basketball: First Official Practice


Go behind the scenes with Arkansas Razorbacks Basketball on the first official day of practice for the 2020-21 season. We know it’s a bit tough to hear people talking in the beginning, around the 15 minute mark we begin going into the lobby for interviews so that you can hear them better.

  1. Phil Hankins says

    This is a wonderful concept! Love the energy from the team! A request: a handheld directional (cardoid) would've been nice for the audio. I'm 68 and it was hard to understand through the masks and background gym noise.

  2. RailL II FR35H_ Twe1ve2/6ixteen says

    Definitely excited for this team & the players. I hope every player can play to their strengths, cause this is a team of guys with many different styles of play.

  3. Buck Young says

    We could really do some damage this year. One of my great joys was watching last year's team work so hard and get so much out of the talent and size available. But, this year, while young, we have the length and talent to GO DEEP IN THE NCAA TOURNAMENT!

  4. cobes says

    Stay safe, everyone. Woo pig!

  5. James Brewer says

    It's our time

  6. James Brewer says


  7. James Brewer says

    Wps coach them up

  8. James Brewer says

    Need to work on making more shots go in

  9. Raul Gutierrez says

    Thank for the video! Def need a microphone 🎤 next time!

  10. WooDaPig says

    Do better with audio. I appreciate the video. Go Hogs Go!

  11. Riley Waterman says

    First to watch and like.! Go Hogs🐗🐗

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