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  1. Leandro Triana says

    The amount of times manny said eeeeeee is mad

  2. cian playz says

    Ur soo underrated

  3. Panagiotis fragos says


    fifa monstah

  4. Bisham Gurung says

    This man look like dembele man

  5. Raul Sanchez says

    I miss the football videos

  6. DDX's Legends says

    Soccer six will always be one of the funniest manny videos

  7. King P says

    I forgot about Lewis uno. Where is he?

  8. A O says

    I think his favourite letter is "E"

  9. Ekow Hudson says

    Why can’t he make/talk about football videos?

  10. Pharon Durham says

    What‼️ your 24 fam raaaahhh this whole time I thought u was like 19 or 20 around there fam

  11. Valiz says

    U should go back to playing football maybe play for Liverpool ? 👏😂 YNWA

  12. Usayd Dhorat says

    4:50 manny same I’m 14 and have 14+ lfc kits been there since suso and borini days

  13. Central Station says

    I love how hes going over his videos and saying what he did wrong and criticising himself thats how you get you manny

  14. Jacob Meza says

    Thomas looks clean with his fro tho

  15. MozeyVR says

    How can you and your brother keep a stable relationship when you support Liverpool and Toni supports united 🤣🤣

  16. Frankie _YT says

    Ayee Oklahoma City !!

  17. MickeyScouse92 says

    I get them same comments chucked at me about being a Liverpool fan. Been supporting them since day 1. Even when we had the likes of Aspas, Assaidi, Zenden, Konchesky and Andriy Voronin. Waited so long for the title and we finally got it 🤣🤣🤣 You'll Never Walk Alone Manny.


    Never Sv2 was a real one…damn

  19. junio kelly says

    i miss them football vids

  20. Ty 13 says

    Manny after every skill: ‘eeeeee’ 😂

  21. Rob W says

    18:40 manny scored the winner but the cameras wasn’t on 🥶🤗 moving like flight

  22. project Deryck says

    But manny..


  23. Jean Bader says

    I miss these

  24. T Oniel says

    Wtf happened to elthamsf it just disappeared and no one said anything
    Slash football aswell

  25. Sajeel Hasan says

    "I look like I just came from heaven" ×2

  26. Yusuf_J7 says

    The voice kills me evertime🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  27. Riley Osborne says

    The BuT MaNnY always gets me 😂

  28. Chidu Ebili says

    18:30 stop the cap

  29. KINGSLEY B. says

    You Just Had To PhotoShop The Liverpool
    Really Manny
    The Liver Kit

  30. Justin Benneh-Amponsah says

    Will you make a fifa 21 career mode, I do not care if it is a manager or a player

  31. Tobi Ajani says

    How the fuck has manny not made it pro. And it was way easier during his time he's way better than most of the footballers right now. E.g. Harry winks🤣🤣🤣

  32. Nazaret Hernandez says

    Aye I see you with that Oklahoma City jersey ⚡️⚡️

  33. Kevin Guy says

    bro the insane physical transformations most then mans have went through sent the charity game Is insane

  34. Jai Sohna says


  35. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  36. amey sunderland says

    Manny want to play Fifa 20 1 v 1

  37. Zubair Malik says

    You called tolu microphone remember manny

  38. Name Surname says

    The slash football dayyyssss

  39. Reef fn S says

    Liverpool ❤️❤️

  40. Charlie ! says


  41. Patrick Dudi says

    YNWA xd good vid

  42. Yatogami says

    Why you don't read the comments

  43. D2 k24s says

    thank you

  44. Finley R says

    You need to do the football videos like those football videos.

  45. Liam Mckinney says

    Do a video with street panna

  46. Marie Renea Gonzalez says

    I miss all of you guys now the famous on YouTube Tobi and you Manny are my favourite and like brothers to me all of them sideman

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