Real World Racing – 1st Gear – Gameplay Features Trailer HD


This is the first video in a 6-part series on Real World Racing, our upcoming top-down racing game up for vote now on Steam Greenlight !

This gameplay trailer focuses on controls, visual options and in-game interface.

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2nd Gear video released!

  1. warriorprince101010 says

    Bang Bang racing is a better game.

  2. warriorprince101010 says

    Just played the demo.

    Tracks do not have enough corners. Cars are too long. But it is an ok game.

  3. Brad Moore says

    reminds me of F1 Spirit on MSX

  4. bduddy55555 says

    Wow, the physics look really nice compared to a lot of other top-down games, and I also like how there are multiple ways to tell when a turn is coming up (often a problem in scrolling top-down racers)… keep it up!

  5. ImnoPro says

    Can we make tracks? that would be cool

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