Rs 4000 main 5 Star Stay + Dinner + Breakfast + Drinks | Hmm Food


Hilton Garden Inn in Bani square provides an amazing one in a lifetime deal. You can live the oh teri life in Rs 4000 ++( prices are dynamic and can carry )

For booking you can call or check the hotel website

0:00 Introduction
1:25 Room Tour
2:23 Street food making
6:40 Dinner
8:21 Breakfast

  1. Hmm! says

    basically 3999+Taxes it starts but for one person , on double its 4499+Taxes 0124-4420000

  2. Gaya Prasad Yadav says

    Are you mad? Just see this property didn't check temp. and hmm says corona has left this place. You have been offered free stay in a big suit and heavily paid, so advocating nice world class. Why would one go here for a stay? Except for business trip or official trip no one will prefer to stay for one day and enjoy this freakfast and dinner. After enjoying cocktail you got heavily drunk, yr facial expressions and tongue twisting.While enjoying dinner and breakfast you didn't had expressions like champaran Mutton, punjab food, ran which normally has 4-5 chicken Mutton dishes.It would have been better If you stayed and enjoyed with your family.

  3. Jasjeet's kitchen routine says


  4. abhishek lahoti says

    Not sure why are u giving fake reviews.they are charging around 8000 even on weekdays..🙄

  5. Rahul Pannu says

    paid SPONSOR

  6. Himanshu Borah says

    Ooo bhaii woh street k kinare thodi hai jo street food bola rha hai… Usei outdoor food bol 😁😁

  7. NRI says

    only 4000000

  8. Sanchay Shiv says

    One Life Baby . …🤘😎🤟Sahil Khan Army Rocks 🎉✌️.If you don't know, Now you know 👈.

  9. Anshum Arora says

    How much u have been paid for this

  10. Consumers Friend says

    It was pure advertisement of the hotel.He showed us the Room that costs Rs.10k & quoted the price as Rs.4k . Didn't like the video . Also GST is 28% for those who are thing they will get away in 3999

  11. gagan bhatia says

    5 star can never match taste of street food god knows why he is so much obsessed with 5 star

  12. rahul lalwanu says

    HmmYou only deserve this type of classy premium videos It's suits on your personality🔥

  13. Ptu ver says

    Trying to act rich with Poor communication skills 😂😂😂

  14. Manthan Kumar Ram says

    Saale pura video dikha k bolta hai ye 8-10 hazar ka hoga 4000 Wala Thora chota parega, Laura koi offer soffer nhi hai sabka chutiya kaat k views badha Raha hai chutiya

  15. Father Sahab says

    Mera favorite butter chicken hai breakfast mai


    Sir aapke video next level feeling kravata he

  17. Mohd Kaif says

    Oh yha

  18. Royalfatk1D says

    I work in the same hotel but in Canada

  19. Shekhar Chavan says

    Mumbai me ya nearest Mumbai koi offer he kya inka

  20. Abdul Samad says

    Bhai ki butter wali pav bhaji bhi healthy hai

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