Ruffian – 1974 Fashion Stakes


Ruffian wins convincingly in her second race.
Frank Y. Whiteley trained champions such as Tom Rolfe, Damacus, and Forego, but he is best remembered as the trainer of Ruffian. Two days after her death he glanced at her old stall at Belmont and said, “That stall will never be occupied as long as I have this barn. There’ll never be another horse worthy of entering it.”

  1. #Facts2020 says

    Copernica was 13 lengths ahead of every one else… and Ruffian 6 3/4 ahead of her. That is just AMAZING

  2. wannamakeamemory says

    Ruffian and Copernica both finish on their left leads – beautiful! Need to stop the belief that horses are stronger on their right leads!!

  3. bri6760 says

    Whats interesting is at the beginning of 1974 Copernica (she was born as a one eyed filly),was highly touted, as was Hot n'Nasty, Ruffian wasnt even considered in the running, She sure showed them quicly enough…. People dont remember but this was a very strong crop of fillies, Sir Ivors Sorrow, Point in Time, etc..Ruffian beat them all and beat them by handily.

  4. animelover462 says

    I love watching her smooth effortless strides in the beggining while all the other horse are trying there best to keep up.

  5. Joe Federico says

    Not only was she a great racer but a beautiful looking horse.

  6. jljarubas says

    thanks for posting. Ruffian is awesome!

  7. tegi53 says

    I kinda laughed when the announcer called that Ruffian was second on the outside at the start. Right after he said that she came roaring on like a lion. Wow, Ruffian was amazing.

  8. creaturelover says

    Can you imagine?


  9. BE109 says

    I always wonder what those other jocks were thinking. I bet they were in awe, professional horseman know a great one when they see one. Even if it is just her behind.

  10. Persephone's Underworld says

    I cannot thank you enough for these Ruffian videos!

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