1. Vereshchak says

    Do you like events without fuels?)

  2. Mgk gaming says


  3. Good Hash says

    5:28 2е место респект челу из моего клана

  4. Peluquería Carolina says

    You win a hacker



  6. Arda Baran Saral says

    Pls what name song

  7. RR0810 says

    You are PRO

  8. Speed Racer says

    Vereschak new event runing empty Is my favorite

  9. URH the Frost says


  10. MKMKCH says

    5:21 Respect!

  11. Syedmujahed Uddinahmed says

    Hello vereshchak plz do your team gp low plzzz i want to come my gp was near 600 but i do km better in your team plzz brooo plzzz i am your very big fan plzz

  12. L YS says

    my record in backwater bog is 1388m ?

  13. GeorgeHcr2 says

    yeah best vere!

  14. kalyani choudhary says

    very good and nice

  15. kalyani choudhary says

    please open your team

  16. Anitha Sathish says

    I know what is your country it's ukraine

  17. hill climb raceing 2 !!!!! says

    Hey Mary shaken I just deleted Hill Climb Racing cuz all my progress got reset can you please talk about this to Hill Climb Racing my username was SN someone the SN was in Brackets thogth

  18. hill climb raceing 2 !!!!! says

    Hey vereshakn i know you dont no me but I deleted hillclimbracing2 because it restarted all my progress and I didn't have any in my car's back and I didn't have any of my stuff has want you to see this comment so I'd like you to talk to contact support because it won't work for me thank you

  19. Mr. Dragoonzz says

    jack nicklos

  20. Radhika pavan kumar says


  21. Richard Austin says

    Ur amazing

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