SAINt JHN's Burning Ab Workout | Train Like a Celebrity | Men's Health


Rapper SAINt JHN lives life with a shirts-optional mindset. Check out the group training boxing workout he uses to achieve his fitness goal of having great abs. Watch more Men’s Health ‘Train Like a Celebrity’ videos HERE:

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Check out SAINt JHN’s new album ‘While The World Was Burning’, which drops today:

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  1. Kathy Lewis says

    Well done

  2. just a thought says

    Anyone know what bands they’re using

  3. Robert G says


  4. Reveal Media says

    Chicken legs

  5. 925Warbot says


  6. Ayanda Dladla says

    Method man still has the most genuine episode of all time in this channel.

  7. BartjeYeYo Gaming says

    Look at them chicken legs

  8. Rojit Rojit says

    the first time ever i heard of saint JHN…

  9. Aeg Airsoft says

    Do Sylvester Stallone like if you agree

  10. Hellios says

    I was watching this guy the other days lol nice coincidence

  11. k k says

    The trainer need a trainer 🤣

  12. Vid joe says

    I'll always remember Bria for her line "You bring out the freak in me" on that dating show years back. Still got the tape.

  13. Natasha Vincent says

    That workout was no joke. Abs activated at all times 😵

  14. Greym0de says

    Won't lie, my eyes were on Bria Myles the whole time. 🥴

  15. Baygina says

    Being on stage and boxing are nothing alike 😂😂

  16. Baygina says

    What’s up with the blacks girls legs ?? 🤔 o_O

  17. Bever-Leigh Norwood says

    Been ROCKING with you @saintjhn since 17'. Your LIVE had me vibin, in Taichung, Taiwan 🇹🇼.
    #ghettokravitz #INeedMeAShanequaOverHere

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