1. Daithi De Nogla says

    Learn more about Second Extinction here: https://sbx.gg/secondextinction-daithi #Ad

  2. Rahul Shankar says

    My man didn't put anyone in the description

  3. L3G1ON says

    I need more of this

  4. Amolemo Mantswe says


  5. chad catulong says

    Fran and eco are youtubers

  6. The Elder Wolf says

    Is it just me or does this give me zombies vibes?

  7. BTNArksome 1215 says

    Everyone: This is the weirdest dinosaur game ever!
    Ark with aliens, space whales, and frankly more future technology and a weird ass story: Am I a joke to you?

  8. Jannis Maden says

    Y'all are hilarious

  9. Ty Henley says

    A real fun thing to do is unlock the mirv grenades and spam them and keep dropping equipment drops to keep getting more

  10. Doctor IC says

    That was fookin helirous. 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. CyberKnight_Miky says

    That background music at the beginning of the video playing the Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine music, brings me back good memories

  12. Gin Yoshida says

    This game has the same mood as deep Rock Galactic

  13. Samuel Aavila says

    This actually looks pretty damn good and I normally don't give a shit about the games in any of the sponsored vids.

  14. the doom slayer says

    3:03 general kenobi

  15. Santiago Quiroga says

    Anybody else miss Turok?

  16. Kenly Hall says

    This is dope

  17. Spawn says

    A new turok game would be cool. This obviously needs a lot of work though.

  18. chris says

    LoL Nogla’s character looks like TheMightyJingles

  19. Shelgey says

    Dang this gives ark memories and vibes, you and the boys needa play ark again sometime lol

  20. Felix Ramirez says

    0:58 every guys with a crotch rocket

  21. Ewan Ayres says

    Nogla’s character looks like hammerlock

  22. MitchTheSnitch says

    I love the Guacamele soundtrack in the background. Man of culture I see 😀

  23. JEREFRUTA says

    Interesting 👀

  24. ANTH davis says

    nolga if ya cant shoot ur friends who can ya shoot huh

  25. Aidhil Fahrezy says

    Imagine moo play this game too…

  26. Garrett Fritzlen says

    Why cant the dinosaurs be friendly

  27. THE HOMIEJAM says

    Aye dr robotnics mean bean machine in the background lmao

  28. Cruz Martinez says

    are you Friends with frandman1 and eco not vanoss you little bitch

  29. 2SevenZer0 says

    Hi Nogla!

  30. Daníel Fannar Eiríksson says

    This game looks and feels like "Dooms Eternal"!!!! Is just me or someone else also feel that way?

  31. Rhyno 216 says

    3:06 😂😂

  32. 9:07
    THERE HE IS!!!

  33. xvii says

    bro game companies can make open world dino games but why can we never get the open world zombie games like this?

  34. 3:57

  35. 1:59
    i think you beheaded someone.

  36. Vinic Afton says

    If Brian played he would try and soundboard everything you guys say and then laugh so much that he would start snorting.

  37. marvin garcia says

    Dude got the 2 step sound and launch sound on point on a Honda

  38. Banana Man says


  39. OMGitsBLASIAN says

    They think they’re fast 😂 wait till they race vanoss AKA guy Ferrari

  40. Ashen One says

    The editing is pretty high quality and top tier but the video is just a bit too loud and constantly high energy for me. Thought I'd check ya out since I saw your comment on one of Charlie's Among Us games with ya. I still think you're a pretty cool guy! I just think the content is a little too much for me lol.

  41. Ruby_ Flare07 says

    Is it only on PC

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