Sen. Ernst, Who Sits On Agriculture Cmte., Can’t Name Price Of Soybeans | All In | MSNBC


Sen. Joni Ernst and her opponent Theresa Greenfield were both asked one of those questions you’ve just got to know in an Iowa debate. Greenfield nailed it. Ernst’s answer led to one of the most “ouch” debate moments of 2020. Aired on 10/16/2020.
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Sen. Ernst, Who Sits On Agriculture Cmte., Can’t Name Price Of Soybeans | All In | MSNBC

  1. Guillermo St says

    Someone at the control room: quick, put the B-roll of the Hindenburg disaster!

  2. ed says

    Moderator: What is the break-even point?
    Phoni Ernst: Let them eat cake…….

  3. D F says

    Maybe she bumped her head. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybelene.

  4. Moe says

    USMCA did nothing for farmers or fishermen. Trump thinks rural = stupid. They're NOT.

  5. John Brown says

    There’s a lot of people on the country that take jobs they really don’t want

  6. Melissa Mitchell says

    She should by all rights know this.

  7. Mark shaz says

    She doesn't know her the people she's representing.

  8. Carl Larsen says

    Neither one had a clue, typical politicians..

  9. sam gonzalez says

    I love Tofu.
    Vote America

  10. Luis Martinez says

    She's too busy counting the money from her corrupt donors to worry about farming….

  11. Randy Owens says

    Ernst is as BIG a mistake and phony as lickin linsey in south Carolina. she knows NOTHING and cares NOTHING about iowa farmers. liar trumps tariffs bankrupted hundreds there.

  12. Ben Z says

    If they asked what's the S&P500 at, I bet she can tell you down to the pennies. /s

  13. Gerald Shields says

    No! Soybeans!!!!

  14. Pedro Correia says

    That was awful.

  15. Samui James says

    She obviously did. not hear. The guy does talk like an auctioneer.

  16. Adobø Shaür Koen says

    Painful. Pork Castrator… she dumb.

  17. Darius G. says

    Cringe worthy!

  18. pump t says

    I don't know why I laughed so hard!!!

  19. Shawnee Union says

    "You should know this" 😬 this is about as excruciating as it gets in the Midwest

  20. Red Clay says

    Another Republican handmaid Trump cult member with that pathetic fake smile


    What is the difference with the "capabilities" of your boss? (… person, woman, man, camera, tv!)

  22. Jamichen88 says

    This is why farmers are suffering. Not the "liberals".

  23. Jim666 says

    That inane grin never altered,

  24. Paying Attention says

    Great jog the moderators actually didn’t gloss over her fail and pushed … when…. she Was lost and tried to slick her way out of it.

  25. chattiermike140 says

    Greenfield must’ve been doing fist-pumps and backflips in her head when she realized Ernst didn’t know the answer

  26. simon postle says

    She was busy castrating hogs to get know commodity prices give the senator a break

  27. shad0wCh8ser says

    Fake Senator.

  28. Big Boomer says

    I'm surprised she didnt answer "whats a soy bean"

  29. Keith Frostad says

    This was painful!! Oh Joni, bless your little heart!!!

  30. V. A. Odin says

    OMG, she SITS on the agriculture committee? She needs to go!

  31. Big Ern Mahkracken says

    The liar deflects questions like wonder woman with her bracelets.

  32. John john says

    ‘Senator Joni, what is your job and what is your first name, Senator Joni?’

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