Shapiro-West Productions/Castle Rock Entertainment/Sony Pictures Television (2004)


From The Seinfeld Story, as it aired on TBS in November 2005. They added the SPT logo later on, as the original NBC airing back in 2004 had Shapiro-West and Castle Rock’s logos only.

  1. Valerie Calorie says


  2. Justin Conroy says

    An shiprtwest improductivo de liga en los

  3. Sur RealAccount says

    A Dest Productions and Castle Rock Light Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television

  4. C.J. O'Dell says

    It originally aired on NBC on Thanksgiving Day in 2004. It ranked 14th for the week, with 14.11 million viewers and an 8.2/15 rating/share.

  5. Austin BigBoi says

    Something looks off with that 2004 on that Castle Rock Entertainment logo.

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