Shark Speed "The Killing Kind"


The Occidental Saloon Presents
Provo Utah Artist
Shark Speed
“The Killing Kind”

Shot by:
Matt Eastin
Aaron Hymes
Julian Acosta

Produced by:
Dean Cheesman
Corey Fox

Edited by:
Matt Eastin

3D titles by:
Aaron Hymes

Audio Recording & Mix by:
Dean Cheesman

Special Thanks to:
Sandy Bee


The Band
Joe Christensen — guitar
Jared Christensen — drums
Greg Wilson – keys / vocals
Dave Clark — bass / vocals
Thayne Fagg — vocals / guitar

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  1. InpuT LOGIC says

    Gotta love how they give no credit to Lindsey and Brooke

  2. Nisarg Rathod says

    @***** @***** @sonny stirlingite Shark Speed " The Killing Kind "

  3. Tommy H says

    I absolutely love this song. My ex Jenna, who passed away tragically on valentines day and shall always be missed and loved, was friend with the singer thayne. And would always play this beautiful song. Whenever I listen to it It reminds me of me and her laying together and singing smiling laughing loving, miss you Jenna. R.I.p. forever. I love you

  4. Aloha Harris says

    Anyone know how to get a cd?

  5. Jemma McDaniel says

    guys there's no need for hostility

  6. TheMusicahombre says

    I really want to hear Rhinosaur31's (p-nub's) band!

  7. mytfew says

    Brilliant song

  8. benjamin zabriskie says

    That's what I thought.

  9. benjamin zabriskie says

    Damn. For a second I thought you weren't embarrassed to show me your band.

  10. DeadRockstar says

    no youre not, you eat it up.

  11. benjamin zabriskie says

    You have a point. Maybe we should compare them with your awesome band. Oh wait, you're just another pissy youtube commenter with a stick up his ass.

  12. DeadRockstar says

    started off with potential, then it just got lame. This song sucks, and is as original sounding as their tight pants and black framed glasses (not original). the audio mixing or lack of mixing doesn't help much either. why bother putting brass and strings in, when they are so undefined and sound muddled? and another thing, your lyrics are disposable and that keyboard is powerless. an aweful attempt at everybody trying to add texture. Just one more provo poser indie band.

  13. Sierra Garyson says

    the lead singer,thayne, yeah he is my uncle and he is freaking amazing!!! i love him!!

  14. Karishma Sharma says

    This is ridiculously wonderful! <3

  15. Katie Walters says

    haha. I wonder who this is.

  16. Jess M. says

    Is there a way to buy or download this version?

  17. shetriedtobegood says

    I love this song! Check out their other stuff, RIGHT NOW!

  18. Jadrien Long says

    best indie band evr haha

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