SHEET MUSIC How to Play: Fi's Theme – Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword


Fi’s Theme (Piano Lament) – Download Sheet Music:

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Eb Instruments (ex: Alto Sax):
Bb Instruments (ex: Tenor Sax, Trumpet):
Bass Instruments (ex: Tuba, Trombone):

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  1. Kaiiris says

    You know whats funny about this? Seven Years ago, this video was the reason I started to learn play Piano… Don't know what it was, but this song is so majestic, and sad, yet beautiful.. Altough the left hand is missing, without this video, maybe I would've never learned to play Piano.

    So thanks…

  2. FandomTOBY says

    i really want the version with the mandolin

  3. Hugo Boncar says

    What's the point of this shit ? That's only the right hand dude c'mon

  4. Raven_Dell says

    I cry every time I here this

  5. Luca Laurence says

    idiot not putting the left hand.

  6. John Maughan says

    this isn't sheet music

  7. mr draxclem says

    i love music

  8. FraT29 says

    I forgot, I made a remix of this beautiful melody on my channel. Come listen 😉

  9. FraT29 says

    And the left hand ? Where is it ?

  10. Super Secret says

    Pretty sure they just added Fi's Farewell theme to the fit the song…

  11. AzureStocke1 says

    This song is so beautifully done it's so good even better than good it's perfect it makes everyone cry…thank you…(a thing Fi would Say) I live skyward so much

  12. Marvin C says

    Hate how everyone calls it as "Fi's lament". BRO SHE CANT LAMENT SHE HAS NO FEELINGS

  13. Tina R. says

    the song is Beautiful

  14. mr draxclem says


  15. TheMartin6610071997 says

    What a shame, it's not even your playing we're listening to… At 1:25, you play G#/A# while the melody sounds C#/D#
    Same problem at 2:45
    But, for who cares, this playing is however still right, he just used the other way to end this phrase.

  16. AntiLink says


  17. TheMagicSlinky says

    Great song, great memories. Well, at least it's pretty easy. ;( Still tho

  18. Skyward Sword Zelda says

    +Celtic now 24 😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Skyward Sword Zelda says

    24 DISLIKES???!!!! Ganon must of made too many accounts.

  20. Skyward Sword Zelda says

    Fi's theme vs. Midna's theme.
    Fi's theme all the way

  21. Skyward Sword Zelda says

    This song is so beautiful. The ending of Skyward Sword was so sad. This brings back so many memories. I remember when Skyward Sword first came out and I was so excited.

  22. 『Star Platinum』 says

    i cry evrytim

  23. ShoFurry167 says

    *memorizes the whole thing to read the comments and find out "I knew the song wasn't this fucking easy." ;-;

  24. Jesa Stockman says

    good thing I can translate this to my alto because the sheet music dosnt work

  25. Badi says

    lol… ''donate me for my unfinished work''

  26. Letticia Wonoyo says

    I've got 2/3 of the song covered

  27. RJ 64 says

    The only reason why I like fi

  28. Tiffany Jenkins says

    Im so crying right now!!! Im not kidding!!! I really am!!!

  29. Alan P says

    I GOT DA NOTES! here they are: (b=flat, #=sharp)
    Ab Bb C# C
    Bb C C# Eb C Bb Ab Bb 
    Ab Bb C# C 
    Bb C C# Eb C Bb Ab Bb 
    Ab Bb Eb 
    C# Eb F# F
    Eb F F# Ab F Eb C# Eb
    C# Eb Ab Bb
    C# Eb Ab Bb
    Ab Bb
    now you all can play this beutiful abd yet depressing song
    Enjoy 🙂

  30. Davin Drachenberg says

    one of the most beautiful songs in the zelda series…

  31. Dangerous Peach says

    its fake you can here were multiple notes are pressed at once yet it shows one note being hit

  32. PleaseDoNothingToTheCook says

    How is this a tutorial you played NO chords what so ever.

  33. Moksum says

    Why die you vanish the left Hand?

  34. Knux Hunter says

    Rolls down
    Try not to cry….
    Cry alot…

  35. StonerSteve says

    epic im cryin tears of joy

  36. jack eriksson says

    *tries not to cry,   *begiins Crying like a baby

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