SmileReader Ovulation Test Strips with Tracking App (iOS/Android)


Get FREE ovulation starter kit (5LH)! Just Sign up for smileReader app. (For NEW/ US Customer only)

After signing up, you will get a PROMO CODE notification on the app.
The SmileReader Ovulation Test Kit is everything you will need to take charge of your fertility and successfully start the family you have always dreamt of.


    Go animate

  2. Veronica Grady says

    This looks like go animate

  3. Nina Stone says

    What a sad thumbnail, funny thing is it looks exactly the way a sleep deprived couple looks once they have a newborn in the house.

  4. jack jack says

    nice and helpful

  5. Rick balfe says

    nice <3

  6. fik bio says

    Like it

  7. melissa brenda says

    i can't imagine this.. so wonderful

  8. amandla tyler says

    so I can test myself at home

  9. amandla tyler says

    I love this

  10. web tech says

    wow.. This is cool

  11. Emerson Gomes de Lima says

    very insteresting app

  12. CHI PHUONG says


  13. riani anjani says

    liked it

  14. Will N. Rauber says

    this is the best

  15. Abdulrahman Mahdi says


  16. ff promoter says


  17. Fiverr seller says

    Cool one

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