SN vs JDG – Game 3 | Quarter Finals S10 LoL Worlds 2020 PlayOffs | Suning vs JD Gaming G3 full game


full game JDG vs SN G3 lol worlds 2020 Quarter Finals PlayOffs – JD Gaming vs Suning Game 3. Season 10 lol eSports World Championship 2020 in China.
LoL eSports S10 WORLDS 2020 PlayOffs – Suning vs JD Gaming Game 3 Quarter Finals | League of Legends Worlds 2020 JDG vs SN G3 VOD 1080p Full HD.
Third match of the day – JD Gaming vs Suning best of 5 Game 3.
SN vs JDG G3 full game in HD 1080p.

Suning Line-Up:
Bin – Top Gangplank
SofM – Jungle Kindred
Angel – Mid Galio
Huanfeng – ADC Jhin
SwordArt – Support bard

JD Gaming Line-up:
Zoom – Top Volibear
Kanavi – Jungle Lillia
Yagao – Mid Twisted Fate
Loken – ADC Ezreal
LvMao – Support Pantheon

Patch: 10.19 – Season 10
Game date: 16.10.2020 | 10/16/2020 | October 16th 2020
Game place: Shanghai, China
Casters: Captain Flowers and Azael

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  2. Naive Boy says

    This is why I love LPL. BTW LCK boring

  3. Gemeplay says

    Bin transformation into bin laden complete

  4. Peanut G says


  5. Daboy says

    26:44 LMFAO

  6. Meije lips says

    Really wp played from sunning but like you have cloud soul and gp still doesn't buy liandry's :

  7. sypestyle says

    i really feel sorry for all the eu players who switched to na to get more money, but now they are playing in teams who really suck. not even one na team got to the quater finals and that must feel bad. get your shit together na and please try to get better instead of ruining the career of great gamers. this must have been said.

  8. tiffanytiffan says

    Ez q was like scratching

  9. Cloud Pup says

    Jdg rlly shouldnt have tried to contest so many times in the early game

  10. zyos says

    Gonna save you some time here… I mean come on we all knew that game was probably over after GP got that double kill.
    Game ended before min 2 lol.

  11. Dylan Armstrong says

    I didn't realize these two casters were that good. Turns out it was just the fact that they were casting NA…

  12. Simba says

    23:22 I m surprised that they could still referring tf ult zhonya play to Misaya

  13. Stephen Sours says

    Zoom got so tilted chasing down that Bard

  14. Matthew Whebell says

    I'm fanboying Huanfeng. If you guys haven't seen his story, you're
    really missing out. A kid abandoned by his parents, forced to survive on
    his own in China. Struggled to get into professional gaming. Now look
    at his ass. Holy fucking shit.

  15. Jay Pham says

    twisted fate first pick just to go 0/3/3… nice. Suning looking on form tho, looking forward to see how far they go

  16. : darrien says

    The meme face from zoom after gp got his sheen at lvl1. “Excuse me team?”8:27

  17. MortalMilka says

    Yesterday I put in Suning for the win in pickem and I only saw the 1st game before I had to go to work and I was like damn that was a mistake, but nope, I put my trust in the right team 😀

  18. Alfredo Cantero says

    Thanks EpicSkillshot

  19. Jared DePew says

    SN about to
    Win worlds and pull a FPX esqe victory

  20. Alexander Su says

    This is not important at all but I found it hilarious at 25:00 game time when SofM takes crab, and then even when his team is getting flash gold carded in mid 4v5, he's just like "peace dudes I'm farming gromp" that's peak SofM to me

  21. Kai Hamasaki says

    JDG is horrible lol… I knew SN would beat them. Zoom and Kanavi need to find a new team. JDG only strat is fight no matter what… Even if they're down gold they over force stuff. Idk man, they're a good LPL domestic team but their laners aren't good enough to match up with other teams. Only Zoom really.

  22. Liam Dabbs says

    If you pay attention Azael is constantly caster blessing cursing the game

  23. xKeNniii says

    Zoom and Yagao were letdowns this set, especially Yagao.

  24. Gaige Geyer says

    21:33 ?????? How that knock up hit

  25. repIace aIl says

    Jdg trolling… cant imagine losing to a team with galio and bard…

  26. Ciopi says

    24:58 100 m sprint world record:D

  27. Ørkänsén says
  28. oliver schultz says

    Captain flowers losing it at 18:35 haha xD

  29. Tuan-Hai NGUYEN says

    Captain Flowers could have been a famous rapper lmao. best caster by far even wearing his flower suit xD

  30. Lin Kevin says

    Yagao’s face showed up on the cover for me so i thought JDG won this game before watching which really sucked to think that i was spoiled…… Glad that the cover doesn’t reflect who wins

  31. xSuper Dopeyx says

    I’m early! Huge props for fighting so hard to provide this content. I specifically only watch matches through you because I know all of the work you’ve had to put in to give us these videos.

  32. alex gabriel says

    Suning finding their game at this worlds. Is this an anime story were suning is our mc?

  33. Joueurhen#3829 says

    You should be RapidSkillShots

  34. DiamondAssasin1 says

    My pickems are looking pretty good keep it up sunning

  35. kennedy reazon says


  36. Josh Mote says


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