SN vs JDG Highlights ALL GAMES Quarterfinals Worlds 2020 Playoffs Suning vs JD Gaming by Onivia


SN vs JDG Highlights ALL GAMES Quarterfinals Worlds 2020 Playoffs Suning vs JD Gaming by Onivia
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  1. ? says

    I've been wanting to ask this question for 2 did Sofm( a Vietnamese) communicate with his team that is chinese??

  2. Achmad Giovani says

    Guess I'm rooting for Suning right now after watching their amazing plays!

    Huanfeng is definitely a rising star this year.

  3. khangpham 1771999 says

    Sofm said tao lo hết

  4. Hưng Hữu says

    SOFM 😍😍😍

  5. Mini Game says

    0:30 not Eminem, now we found a Raper is real rapgod

  6. Ray says

    huanfeng's story- Lol Player who climbed from Poverty to Worlds

  7. Phạm Huy says

    Sofm > kanavi =) Vietnam junger is best

  8. Anh Quang says

    Sofm đánh áp lực vc

  9. Maxime D. says

    Why did the American teams not leave with their casters? I can't stand their idiotic accent, their tendency to scream for nothing, their stupid analysis since they are used to commenting on the American scene.

  10. none none says

    Glad i vote for sn

  11. Peter Frank says


  12. Nicko Tamallana says


    SN: where is our base?
    Jhin: Yes

  13. Khanh Pham says

    Huanfeng Awaken

  14. AnnaNam Channel says

    Fun fact: Huanfeng was born in a Province that near Vietnamese Border ( which mean he had been taught some Vietnamese so 2 country can talk each other when having a international’s meeting )
    So after joined Suning , Huanfeng meet Sofm ( who born from a province in Vietnam that also near Huanfeng Hometown border )
    Sofm really surprise that HuanFeng can speak a few Vietnamese with him.
    Sorry my English is bad

  15. Tuyen Vo Khac says

    14:45 Does anyone see Sofm had cleaned Misfortune perfectly?

  16. Ryan Villavecencio says

    nice play for the jhin and thresh cuz it was amazing!

  17. Bình Bùi says

    Jhin 100% win rate /4 game

  18. Tung Nguyen says

    18:11 SofM take down marked Gromp first then marked Kanavi later, two birds one stone. This guy is just out of this world man

  19. Vikraal says

    Never seen Renekton perform in worlds

  20. Chúng Ta Là Family says

    Sofm best jungle❤❤❤

  21. Teck Kent says

    Is no one gonna talk about SofM vision score for all 4 games ???

  22. binh duong do says

    what wrong with adc of SN? why everyone talk about his story?

  23. Noah Nguyen says

    22:11 It's Bin again BOOM BOOM BOOM ad&mid disappeared

  24. Liêm Thanh says

    Ôi dờiii ơii, dễ vãi lôzzz. Mấy thằng oắt connnnnn 🤩🤩🤩

  25. Chí Hữu says

    Who is Vietnamese fan, let me see your hand 🔥

  26. Lineyourblack says

    sofm is insane

  27. everything DO says


  28. Michael Joe says

    I am still shocked by Jhin's ultimate 14:00

  29. Toan Nguyen says

    14:45 SOFM is in great position, Loken is not playing

  30. meguMEME!흥아 says


  31. Caonimaaa Cao says

    Huanfeng god

  32. xtian zanoria says

    If this performance from suning executed always they’ll have a shot of giving hard time top esports

  33. Hùng vĩ Phan says

    Huan lên đồng 😁

  34. Quang Linh Ngo says

    Sofm is a Vietnamese jungler

  35. Kiên Cao says

    I got to tell you this match is far more phenomenal than yesterday like the fights,the kills and styles. Big improvements in every SN's members. Hopefully, they can be the champion of this tournament

  36. Cheryol Lee says

    see the last combat at game 2 ? sofm took care of adc , ap and jp but he still manage to kill adc and nearly galio and still alive !

  37. bacon not cripy says

    9:30 why gp went back farming

  38. Arthur Kim says

    my guy rapping from 23:42 to 23:47 😩

  39. Pig Poop says

    Bin was a rubbish bin the whole game , but huanfeng is just hard carrying like my bronze game

  40. Trình Huỳnh says

    JDG đánh có một mình sofm hà :v

  41. goku Nguyên says

    you see that ? It's aws

  42. Thang Vu Minh says

    14:40 sofm very clever

  43. Mike Đỗ says

    LvMao, lmao

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