Something Beautiful: The Original Music from Mirror's Edge


UPDATE: This track is not part of the official soundtrack. The official theme song from Mirror’s Edge can be found here:

The Paul van Dyk remix of Still Alive can be found here:

You can also find Alcorus’ follow up to this track here. It’s short, but it’s very sweet:

This is the full original piece of music which was remixed for the debut trailer of EA’s forthcoming game Mirror’s Edge. The track is called Shine and is by Alcorus. The game is developed by Dice.

I’d like to say a special thank you to Alcorus, who wrote to me just to say how much he enjoyed this video. That was a real honour.

  1. Calvin Jessen says

    grant hauck what is that a refrence to

  2. alaina66 says

    Heavenly song…ethereal…

  3. Alex_E says

    Damn, i'm from 2016, and i still love this remix

  4. Koliokoful says

    Not a sequel but a reboot…

  5. RayTheFox says

    E3 2013… There's a great chance of announcing sequel!

  6. ilikeavocado says

    This game makes me feel inspired c:

  7. toastertomattoe says

    What's the genre of this music?

  8. Reycied says

    Yeah, it's kinda novel and fresh to find a game that has action, but a lack of gratuitous violence. I love over-the-top gorefests if I'm in the right mood, but sometimes I need to pick up a game that I'd let my six-year-old nephew play when he visits.

  9. LakituLP says

    Then wait until the end of 2012. They said that it will be a second part 😀

  10. DaRkHunTer0125 says

    I can't believe the second hame got cancelled in 2009, but aparently they are giving it another try. But now Dice is making another Medal Of Honor game, in which the last Medal of Honor game was why Mirror's Edge 2 was cancelled or was pasted delayed. I like their other games, but Mirror's Edge was something so beautiful that shooting people in realist combat could never satisfy! Good isn't the same as Right- Faith Connors

  11. James .Grasch says

    i love this game simply because they take a modern art style and incorporate it into a game effectively, innovation gameplay like portal that focuses primary on puzzles and combat last, finally a heart warming story that one can actually believe. oh how could i forget the music! its…simply beautiful

  12. Curtis Fowler says

    just so otherworldly.. it's … beautiful.

  13. Josef says

    sooo beautiful <3

  14. Steven says

    @xKriZ765x nah, not at all. The main philosophy of parkour is "etre et rester", which means "to be, and to last". A traceur that does only suicidal big jumps, no matter how good he/she is, is a poor traceur

  15. Phurix says

    @FruityLoopsas and a movie

  16. brandonhud60 says

    @PureLolz468 The orange and red ones, Or the blue and cyan ;D

  17. Josef says

    this song is soo beautiful <3

  18. ihmehiitaja says

    @IolcanPK In my opinion parkour is just fun and revarding.

  19. Raphael R. says

    Free Running=The art of expressing yourself through movement.
    There's a difference.

  20. Zalfazar says

    @justfunnythings A wannabe freerunner, but a freerunner nonetheless!

  21. Ben Henley says

    @ratman134 you're obviously not a musician

  22. skateman76600 says

    Je m'entraine souvent pour faire du parcour , et je ne sait pas pourquoi , mais j'écoute souvent les musique de Mirror's Edge pour me motiver … Magnifique chanson , jeu superbe . Rien a dire , a part grandiose .

  23. Mindaugas V says

    You know why I love this game???? 🙂 It is not bloody….. It is relaxing and fun, it is inovative, it has amazing fresheness, and we all know IT IS MIRRORS EDGE.. I HOPE DEVELOPERS WILL UNDERSTAND A NEED FOR SECOND PART OF THIS AMAZING GAME………..

  24. rtwoodlands says

    if only you could free roam…

  25. Kyle P says

    @zzply parkour is a french martial art

  26. justfunnythings says

    thumbs up if your a free runner!

  27. Tim Main says

    this is super chill

  28. Veninx says

    @ratman134 Look out!!!!!!! TROLL!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. TheNeckshot says


  30. phase866 says

    @MrSparkyson Best first comment EVER


  31. jozilife says

    I've been playing MirrorsEDGE on PS3 for a while now and it is so real and expresses so much freedom for the player its unreal. Makes you want to go out there and train to one of these Runners and try out Parkour for yourself and the freedom it gives. Truly a masterpiece.

  32. Phoenix says

    @ratman134 I actually logged in just to downvote you.

  33. Zevvion says


    Yeah, I realise I commented on a very old comment from you. Which was kind off a lame ass move from me, but I just can't NOT comment you know =P

  34. Erik v Dam says

    @Zevvion Yea okay I got you, I didn't even remember when i posted it 😛 so not sure if i was making a joke or a point there XD but of course i understand that by parkour you can take like a million shortcuts that cars and bikes cant 😀

  35. Zevvion says


    I understand the point you are trying to get across and of course you are right in most situations, but there really are situations where parkour beats all. Especially in a city. Even a bike wouldn't be faster on some routes.

  36. Erik v Dam says

    @Zevvion I said car or bike >.> and i was talking general not particularly me. So what i am saying is that you are faster on your BMX then with parkour and i'm probably faster on a bike than you on foot. Or on days when there's no traffic im probably faster by car

  37. Zevvion says


    Not always. I live in the city. If you want to race me to the other side of the city in your car, be my guest. I don't even own a car since I'm here. I'm fastest using either parkour or my BMX depending on where I need to go.

  38. Raphael R. says

    @zzply The Free running defenition as given from his creator:
    Freerunning is an evolution. Move like an animal. be fluid like water or find your own balance with a certain philosophy. This is the path of the Freerunner. Be focused within yourself more than the outside world.
    The most important Freerunning advice is to follow your own path, your intuition – Make progress step by step.
    The Flips are not show off,they are FUN and expression.

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