1. Richard Sarkisian says

    RMS MUSIC SOCIETY BEST SONGS OF 2020! Like us on facebook to hear more great new music.

  2. David infante martinez says

    El ending de El Turner jajaja adiós electeicaribe care verga

  3. Rich Moore says

    New to this band… literally maybe 72 hours. They’ve got my attention! 👍

  4. JCGamer says

    Alguien viene por el Turner?

  5. NonStop Soundz NonStoppuhSounds says


  6. Julian Andres Roncancio Vargas says

    Me acordé del "careverga" del "Tocné"…

  7. Alan Castro perez says

    Like si viniste por el Turner!!😎😎

  8. Natalia Lozano says

    el tocne :v

  9. Reba Maybury says

    Dear Sports Team, how do you sleep at night when there are endless amounts of non white talent out there and you exist?

  10. Tivert says

    Definitely 'The Fall' inspiration for this song. I can imagine Mark E Smith (R.I.P) singing this

  11. ORIGINAL77 says

    Love it.! Takes me there and back again.

  12. Brandon Camp says

    The fact that this is being advertised by snapchat and only sitting at 160k views should tell you something. Rock is dead. Mumble rap is in.

  13. sonidos1000 says


  14. Eternallove says

    This is why white people shouldn't be allowed to make music 😍

  15. The Casual Front says

    This is shite, and if you like it you’re a wanker.

  16. Isthatmattandryanfromsupermega says

    Such a fucking good band

  17. alyanna says

    this song is literally about Mr Birling from An Inspector Calls. its uncanny.

  18. Julian Potter Music says

    That fucking bass tone 🤤

  19. this is pointless says

    good old charlton house

  20. Jack Attack says

    Glad that post-punk/indie rock is being brought back to life. The 2000s had a lot of really good artists of that genre.

  21. michael de la cruz says

    Aston Kutchers got nothing on you

  22. Ewan Hadden says

    this is fucking class

  23. Hywel Ridley says

    is that the guy from skins?

  24. Tom edwards says

    Wonderful stuff

  25. Peter Parker says

    Awesome band!

  26. Molly Paxton says

    this ship is unsinkable🙌🖤

  27. Madeleine Alice Ross says

    Hold on, is that Rich from Skins?

  28. Femke Wiechert says

    saw u guys in utrecht last friday and i absolutely loved it!! 🙂

  29. Ollie Biddle says

    Cody Ko is Ben Macks cousin

  30. Sasha Conti says

    Is that Rich from Skins? 😂

  31. thomas says

    i saw sports team at newcastle and i know it wasn’t their biggest gig or best but honestly i love this band and really annoyed i forgot my seed box, but the whole evening was great i love this band keep up the good work!

  32. Aeron Alcachupas says

    We’re going to the races
    Having such a lovely time
    And we’re going with your friends
    Why you going with your friends?
    Crack the bones in your back
    It feels so good to be back
    Why don’t ya flex some more?
    Why don’t you dance some more?
    You wanna talk about your friends
    First floor in the fete, oh yeah
    He wears a Union Jack
    He wants to take us all back
    He’s coming over
    Wants to talk about the war
    The way he’s going on
    You’d think he’d fought them off alone
    He’s coming over
    He’s a horrible man
    He’ll never buy a drink
    But he’ll let you know he can

    Oh, you’re going to the races?
    Cruising down the telephone lines
    Gold buckle on your belt
    Go on, buckle up your belt
    He’s a buttoned-down shirt
    Spilling tea from the cup
    He’s coming over
    And the runners are down
    The silks are the turf
    You know it’s curtains for now
    He’s coming over
    Want stop talk about his house
    The way he’s going on
    You’d think he built it all himself

    So signing

    Well, I fear no evil
    And I feel no harm
    Well, you fear none either
    Well, I see no charm
    And I fear no evil
    And I feel no harm
    Well, you fear none either
    But I see no charm
    We don’t want him on the farm

    He’s coming over
    Yeah, you think you’re nearly clear
    But he’s just not finished talking
    He’s just coming up for air
    I’m glazing over
    The windows are aglow
    The fire’s blazing nicely
    But there’s nobody at home

    Still signing

    Whoa, oh no, an iceberg
    The ship is unsinkable

  33. The DLX says

    big up Alex Arnold

  34. Jack Hawks says

    Anyone else get a “Different Class” by Pulp vibe?

  35. patrick hanbury says

    is that Rich from skins (alexander arnold)

  36. Kool Rock Radio says


  37. Connor Yuill says


  38. Jake Roberts says

    Think sports team have watched the wedding singer on repeat

  39. Grace Leggett says

    Al kicking that bouquet is a mood

  40. Lloyd Ashman says

    Anyone else notice the main guy the video follows is rich from skins 3rd gen??

  41. George Wackamole says


  42. luke says

    this is the most indie wedding i’ve ever seen

  43. Tom says

    Looks like a pretty average sports team gig

  44. George Hamerton says

    Why isn’t Sports Team bigger yet, this is amazingg

  45. cull1996 says

    Banger after banger! THIS SHIP IS UNSINKABLE!!!!!

  46. Effie says

    Love it!

  47. dany kyugotsvn says

    love it from 🇲🇽

  48. Alexander Finch says

    Just got the notification and im already excitedddd

  49. cate says

    BEST BAND!!!

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