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love you all thanks so much for watching!
xx rach

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  1. Rebecca Fred says

    these are so fun!

  2. Life With The Jahn's says

    Definitely need that hydroflask. I can't stand room temp water either.

  3. Catherine says

    Anyone purchasing the Amazon rings, heads up! They are HUGE like a 7 or 8. Only two of the rings fit

  4. Graciela Breit says

    I’d love to see an updated skincare routine!!

  5. Concetta Solomine says

    I love your nails! What did you ask for?

  6. Stephanie Hart says

    Your hair looks gorgeous long! Love the stone around the fireplace 👌Enjoying watching your Vlogs especially Winnie so Cute!🐶🥰

  7. Madison Stephens says

    loved this video soo much! i also started using the sephora collection cleansing balm for removing makeup and it’s game changing!

  8. Caeli Hawkins says

    You look so good! you're glowing!!

  9. Amabel Detwiler says

    Girl.. I have lived in Colorado now for almost 5 yrs. it never really warms up. Summer, it hails and is windy everyday. I’m moving to Raleigh in Aug. can’t wait!

  10. Ashley Young says

    Need a hair tutorial!!

  11. allison frins says

    i can’t wait to buy some new things 🙂

  12. sarah greeeves says

    what’s the link for the slides

  13. Jacqueline Kell says


  14. raquel conceicao says

    please dont take this the wrong way but i wish that when you did sponsored content you asked the brands to let you speak on it using your own words. I just feel like i'm listening to a commercial and I would be more interested if that wasn't the case.

  15. Ashlyvett Figueroa says

    Watching these while eating an açaí bowl, that’s life 🤍✨✨✨

  16. anny Vitória says

    Thanks for The tips. Happy Monday

  17. anny Vitória says

    Rocked this Look,hair and makeup

  18. VeganLife says

    Agolde is my favourite…

  19. anny Vitória says

    10:29 Chef Rachel in action 👩🏾‍🍳

  20. anny Vitória says

    Rachel 🌚❤

  21. Anny Vitória says

    I loved your vídeo. Have a Nice day

  22. Anny Vitória says

    8:13 I loved your glasses

  23. Anny Vitória says

    Hello Rachel

  24. Gabby Brown says

    soo excited to watch this!! could you show how you do your low buns? they always look so cute

  25. Ashley Brown says

    Love your videos girl! 😍

  26. Amanda B says

    Yay! Excited to watch 🥰

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