Street Gods: Shutting Down the Streets for Underground Racing (Part 2)


Street racing in New York City has never been legal, but drivers with no access to a drag strip or track within the 5 boroughs or the surrounding cities in the tri-state continue to elude the police while shutting down highways to hold races.

In part 2 of our 4 part series Street Gods, VICE’s cameras gain access to New York City’s underground street racing circuit.

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  1. Eduardo Juarez says

    this is nothing to socal

  2. Ben jamin says

    I'm tryna watch this video ya heard

  3. _•_________• says

    7:07 cringe 😬

  4. Kayn Milward says


  5. Kayn Milward says

    People that do Burnouts illegally and street racer are dumbarses they deserve there car to be crushed

  6. ferrarienzo564 says

    9:39 clearing the street

  7. Sideler74 says

    NYC street racing is garbage. Upstate NY, Albany or Newburgh are the places to be. None of this ridiculous BS

  8. Kaleo S says

    Did this dude really just remove his seats out of a s6 for weight reduction……i thought I seen it all

  9. Brendan Mccabe says

    This aint real racing this just drug dealers with stock beamer and Audi’s all automatics no built or real race cars

  10. Dominic Kennedy says

    have you guys been to a street race

  11. Dominic Kennedy says


  12. Estoy Gringo says

    Why im leaving New York trash like this

  13. Jannik Markert says

    What Song is playing At 0:55?

  14. Jeffrey J. Roman says

    Does everyone in NY wear sweats lol

  15. Itz Djamel says

    The best

  16. La Capone says

    Tf happened to these fools

  17. LUCKY HEX says

    I guess the street gods club doesnt allow girls in the club house.

  18. John Crusader says

    Jesus christ what a frikn clown. A perfect example why education makes perfect sense.

  19. Lil Sqreat says

    11:37 "I broke everything in this motherfucker just then" 😂

  20. Minh says

    "we're forced to race on the streets" lol

  21. swavey chisom says

    King of New York

  22. Keith Olsen says

    Gods, VICE? Really? These morons.. Gods??

  23. haider cheema says

    Why does he act like such a douche to his friends?

  24. Ekcloud96 says

    lmao who are they again??? stock motor loose turbo gang?

  25. Big ick Rick 13 says

    Run 1 mile faster??? Wtf man

  26. Big ick Rick 13 says

    This kid is a clown… trying to hard toBe and sound cool and as if he knows wtf he is taking about smh

  27. chapin yoker says

    Every audys gangster untill turboed civic apears

  28. Siddharth Nandi says

    knows the turbo is blownraces it anyway

  29. Taco salami says

    New york😂😂 This y’all car scene? You guys didn’t even prep the roads. No negotiations either

  30. dee pharrow says

    Hes mad ugly lol

  31. dee pharrow says

    Why did he sleep with his bro until 27 lol

  32. Unorganized O.C.D. says

    Don't say this is ruining car culture, it's ruining it and giving a bad name up in NY lol. Only somewhat tuned up cars the the 2 racers, everyone in stock cars tho lmfao! Everyone just there for the clout to say they went to a street race.

  33. Javan Lopez says

    Dude using his buddies car to race lol

  34. Jack Black says

    So, if I run one of these clowns over for blocking the street, I get arrested and go to jail? The law is stupid.

  35. Knob Turner says

    Damn, did he say they all sleep together¿?

  36. rgs1987 says

    @4:24 so… i have to look behind me to know whats gonna happen in front of me?

  37. Olivier Claude says

    These boys will never get on a track even if there was one… way too much bureaucracy, license fees, taxes and so on. Street is their only option

  38. Rick H. says

    Directions to " Mexico " . North on 150th, turn right on Rockaway, right on Baisley Blvd., end of block Garden Suites Hotel is in your left. You have arrived at " Mexico ". Every freaking Saturday night.

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