1. ModestKillz 20 says

    All I need to hear is 3secs of this song for the nostalgia to hit me hard.

  2. Alam Diaz says

    Please do they same with super Mario galaxy

  3. XDLAv5.0 says

    I can't tell if my eyes are playing tricks on me, but it looks like the image is moving

  4. Andrew Layton says

    noogilydoogily doo hoo

  5. Supaasandy says

    S u c c u l e n t s e a f o o d i n t e n s i f i e s

  6. Captain Skidz says

    I bet the non clean version had a bunch of curse words in it 😓

  7. Rose Supreme says

    OhohoHO, this is so good! Glad to hear it in all its glory!

  8. A random Butterfly Cat says

    This is𝒄 𝒓 𝒊 𝒔 𝒑

  9. RS Bee says

    That little jingle at the start is sooo nice

  10. Nin_ Kevin601 says


  11. Samuel D says

    Oh I get it… Clean, because it’s Sunshine!CAUSE CLEAN IS BETTER THAN DIRTY! AND DIRTY’S MEANER THAN CLEAN!

  12. Vir Sahay says


  13. Sleeping. says

    holy shit eu tava procurando isso há tempos

  14. Nighty-Night says


  15. Skyclad Observer says

    Succulent seafood theme

  16. 1996MarioSonic says

    Thank god, the cutscene music can be heard without the dialogue. Question, can you upload the Course fanfare from Galaxy 1? Because there is one but it gets cut off at the end and it's not the full version.

  17. Desh 206 says


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