Supercroc (Full Movie – Horror – 2007)


It cannot get crazier than this! First it was the Godzilla, now the Supercroc.
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The giant reptile is headed towards the city of Los Angeles and the security forces have little time on their hand. The troop of soldiers assigned for the work has an unstoppable creature in their path. They have to confront the killer croc without getting killed. The stakes are high against a monster size reptile. Are the troops prepared What will it take to bring down the terror of the Supercroc?

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Country of origin: USA
Release date: 2007
Language: English
Genre: Horror/Thrillers

Director: Scott Harper
Writers: Steve Bevilacqua, David Michael Latt (story)
Stars: Cynthia Rose Hall, Matthew Blashaw, Kim Little

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  1. Michael Halbert says

    This must have been done on a budget of a buck five eighty.

  2. Michael Halbert says

    Why do most of the women in these flick's look like they came out've a porno?

  3. Devika Kaul says

    This movie should have been a video game twenty years ago.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😱😱

  4. kitkatcoco67 says

    The acting was superb…amazing , rivieting movie 😂

  5. kitkatcoco67 says

    I can now say I have officially have found the worst , stupidest , horrific CGI movie ever hands down !!

  6. the quiet one! Sometimes! says

    4:48 what's with the soldier wearing the "blinkers"??😂😂

  7. Mark Mahabir says

    Super croc,,,, ambarrassingly stupid, where in heaven's name did they get those wannabes actors?not to mention the writing,all shitty, The effects on the croc is ridiculously stupid also, The thing is the writer must believe he's got a good thing going here, but after the movie,he must want to kick his arse, THIS MUST BE A VERY LOW COST SO CALLED movie. At least show the star of this crap,,,SUPERCROC my arse.!!!!!!

  8. Saynab Ibraahim says

    Xxx 😎

  9. Derek Little says

    Supercro is one of the best would really love to see part 2

  10. Nelta King says

    Tks, 4, share n..great flick…🥰🤗🥰

  11. Yettastarr Chancy says

    Too many ads.

  12. Lissette Hernandez says


  13. Anura Silva says

    When did crocks walk in the land freaking drama

  14. Romaroy ___ says

    фильм ужасный они даже не показали как гстав жрал людей

  15. Teirdalin Three says

    Scrolling through the movie, it seems they have a constant orange filter throughout the entire thing.

  16. Forsak3n Breed says

    Forty minutes in and I was so disgusted in the stupidity of it I left.

  17. Forsak3n Breed says

    I want one of those computers I see in movies and on TV. They don't need mice, all programs work by tapping DFJKLSXMPOER rapidly.

  18. ItsRealGameplay _ says

    So Baaaaaaaaaaad

  19. Billy the fat communist Dog says

    croc thats got to eat shit

  20. David Hurley says

    this picture is a whole bunch of shit

  21. Foks TV says

    такая хуйня…

  22. tee maya says


  23. Abubakar Gujjar says


  24. Gor Stepanyan says


  25. cat water says

    I luv movies like this 💞💟💞💟💞💘

  26. Brian Stevens says

    Giant croc goes into water at around  18 min markk NOT A RIPPLE  LOL what a joke

  27. Junel Cole says

    Breaking eggs anything would kill you bitch

  28. LFB Wildlife says

    It doesn't sound real

  29. greenfingers gardener says

    what a CROCK of shit

  30. Arun jana says

    Nice movie

  31. Rocky says

    Not scary- scale of 1 to 10 = 05 good for kids.
    Plot seem to get lost with the wining and bickering.
    Too long drags on better if under an hour.

  32. Vickey waldo says

    Soooo Boring….fast forward just to see how it ended, ugh.

  33. Shena Matthias says


  34. Msafiri Barka says

    This movie is awesome, I love it 😍

  35. أحسنت أخي الغالي شكراً لك على هذا المنشورالجميل

  36. Jose Antonio says

    Sr FC Cech lmnvcc lover irsa

  37. Ahsan Mehmood says

    wast of my time

  38. Zack Vannoy says

    awesome movie

  39. Lenna santos marinho says

    esse foi o filme pior que já assisti não goste não presta não tem nada de bom

  40. Nuran Memmedov says

    menasi yox bu kinonun

  41. Nuran Memmedov says

    menasi yox bu kinonun

  42. Nuran Memmedov says

    menasiz kino

  43. No hay problema en esta semana en un par de semanas de vacaciones y me Raúl

  44. Jolie Ndutiye says

    that bitch talks to much

  45. Felix cat says

    The big crocodile eggs it does make a delicious omelette…

  46. Felix cat says

    Oh fucking big pussy ,it does fake crocodile!

  47. ZeroArmour says

    I've seen home movies with higher production values than this. Why do they keep making money?

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