T1 vs KT Highlights ALL GAMES | LCK Summer 2020 W7D2 | T1 vs KT Rolster


T1 vs KT Highlights Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, ALL GAMES | LCK Summer Split 2020 Week 7 Day 2 | T1 vs KT Rolster

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  1. Lleone says

    Lmao if y’all noticed, most good trainees come from T1. Clozer, Canna, Gumayushi and Burdol.

  2. Brayan Lopez says

    LS as a caster is so cringe

  3. Chen Zhi says

    Faker benched?

  4. Marc Andrei Begino says

    clozer game style is like lpl haha

  5. Aaron David says

    Where is faker btw?

  6. Trần Thanh says

    rip faker

  7. Pegasus says

    Clozers zoe is mad he just spam flash like crazy lmao

  8. Arno Misago says

    Feels different when mid use skins 😀

  9. Owen Mallare says

    God teddy incoming3:09Kinda sad he died in dat sequence tho

  10. Ethan Jones says

    Lol Clozer looks like a young Faker ? so familiar

  11. christine vicente says


  12. Art zoma says

    t1 is lucky

  13. 200 says

    Clozer is the next god, he can actually slay Chinese teams with that playstyle even against TES.

  14. Ori Zon says

    Closer is on fire wtf. He's so good. I've never seen a Zoe player like that makes me wanna play Zoe tho!

  15. Angel and Demons says

    What the heck? Where are we keeping a CLOZer? He was so freaking aggressive but effective!

  16. Aeron howard says

    i have a feeling when clozer becomes successful mid laner he will leave t1 and go to team that give him a high contract

  17. Xello says

    at first, i thought it was faker new name lmao

  18. vo long says

    Clozer ra mat hoan hao

  19. Đạt Nguyễn says

    Tôi xem t1 chỉ vì được thấy faker đánh…

  20. ? says

    I just got a feeling that T1 will let Clozer play until the season ends.and when playoff starts Faker will return to the lineup.its just my instinct maybe yes maybe no.

  21. Malphas Mikaelson says

    4:44 Clozer played that really clean but wtf is Zoe? I count 11 W's used.

  22. Liz Park says

    Some of these comments saying faker is bad are just ridiculous lmao

  23. urTurtle says

    cuzz is improving thats so nice to see and clozer's zoe is so good

  24. Huy Trần says

    Clozer có khác gì con quỷ đâu

  25. MiracleAtWork says

    Faker can rest now. Lol

  26. Zed says

    Let’s just say the T1 right now is not synchronized since boy lane go for late game carry while if mid is aggressive the bot lane can’t really back them up early. Top is on their own island so it doesn’t make much difference beside controlling the side lanes. If T1 mid and jungle can create a good chemistry then they will be super strong team from start to finish.

  27. Xiao TV says

    sẽ ra sao nếu Clozer mid còn Faker top, rừng, sp hoặc thậm trí là ad nhỉ ???

  28. Nebie Nebergiber says

    why did faker not play

  29. linh nguyen says

    Chủ tịch đâu rồi. Đánh ngu quá dự bị à. ???

  30. Tristan says

    azir's ult looks bugged out.

  31. iatro says

    Smeb almost 1v9 second game 🙁

  32. Dark Dragonite says

    11:14 LS CAME.Like he had 2 huge milfs on him lmfao

  33. After Glow says

    LS screaming like a girl

  34. KaBEAT TV says

    What happens to Faker? Why getting substitute?

  35. Kauan Luiz says

    Clozer is the real baby Faker not Caps

  36. Çöpçü _ says

    Türkiye'nin gururu ??

  37. xpirate says

    can someone tell me why faker didnt play

  38. StargazeR says

    Holy shit his playstyle is really aggressive man good job ! Finally there is some one who can fix T1, he's gonna change Faker for sure.But actually the other members are to slow for his playstyle, kinda remind me of Faker early career.#T1FORWIN

  39. Gonzalo Ignacio Gonzalez Garrido says

    Clozer reminds me to Griffin Chovy +100 KDA

  40. Gonzalo Ignacio Gonzalez Garrido says

    Clozer wtf man

  41. IdkaCoolusername says

    I think it's clear that Clozer is not mechanically better than Faker, but the one thing he is good at is that he knows his limits very well. He's able to go for kills that seasoned professionals will not even try (7:16).

  42. J.N.G NAFIS says

    Faker are playing like a dad who trying to keep their kids safe

  43. Ryan Russell says

    After rewatching that zoe in bot lane you see kt ? pinging kuro lol

  44. Ryan Russell says

    Clozer should just come to NA for the $ they are paying walking wards millions per season imagine what they'd pay an actual mid because there aren't many in NA right now lol. But, skt must be paying him good to sit on the bench knowing he won't get much play time shits insane i woulda kept him hidden

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