T20 Classic Goes Right Down To The Wire | England v India 2014 – Highlights


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England and India begin their battle across three formats in the first of three international T20s at Old Trafford. Four years ago the two were involved in a classic encounter at Edgbaston, in which the two sides were separated by only 3 runs.

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  1. Hakeemuddin Sk says

    Another game bottled by Dhaala Dhobi … shittiest player ever…all what Kohli did went in vain

  2. Ishaan Ahuja says

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  3. AMAN KUMAR says

    Dhoni the culprit

  4. Sandip Pradhan says

    Mahi is best

  5. moon piya says

    doni is the best finshir 😂😂

  6. Chamba Neypa says

    Dhoni arrogant caused the match

  7. naveen kumar says


  8. naveen kumar says


  9. naveen kumar says


  10. Wahaj uddin says

    i like u virat from pakistan .

  11. Bijoy Sasmal says

    2 ball 5 run only WTF

  12. Pinku namgey says

    King played nice but ms dhoni is the reason of failed

  13. Online You Tube Channel says

    https://youtu.be/jW0yMf51dHc sri lanka beat india

  14. Online You Tube Channel says

    https://youtu.be/jW0yMf51dHc sri lanka beat india

  15. meow meow says

    Lord dhobi using his supernatural power and leading India from the jaws of victory to a loss!!!! Master take a bow!!!!

  16. Raj gurav says

    50 needed in 35 deliveries requires run rate is 9.09 and still 17 in last over this is called Smarting brain

  17. Sadhana Bhadail says

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  18. RAKESH BERA says

    Bal er player

  19. animes treasure says

    Ecb clickbait😂

  20. naa thaan says

    Dhoni the noob ,tried his best to steal credits by draging the game to the last , 😂😂

  21. avijit singh says

    Overconfident chutiya dhoni

  22. Mohini Gupta says

    This is amazing

  23. ATIF ZIA says

    Can we all accept, we came here to see how virat takes India to victory.

  24. Manas Rout says

    That catch from rahane really osm😍

  25. Get iNfO HiNdi says

    This channal show only England's winning .. how disgusting

  26. ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ. says

    Anybody England cute girls..?

  27. MrHugecrab says

    try to find one comment that isn't from a subcontinental you won't

  28. Aditya Saurabh says

    What a knock thala.. 😍 The best finisher in the world.. you won this match single-handedly.. We don't need any coach, your tip is enough.. we don't need arrogant kohli or fat Rohit, or that gumrah.. we need you.. plz came back..

  29. Kapil Rana says

    Another match Dhobi show's his master class that how to loose a match.

  30. Gaurav Kumar says

    Ppl wont see how many time dhoni did it for India……they had praised him for those decision and the same person are blaming for the last decision….Ppl are so much hypocrite……… atleast acheive half what he has achieved. …… I cant achieve that much…. i have respect for him…I havent seen successful ppl hating him…cuz they know you achieve something they have to take risk…… and sometimes it dont work……He is a legend and will remain always………❤❤👑👑

  31. Rehan Deb says

    India is the best

  32. Ayush Channels 1 says

    follow karo bhai log plzz

  33. Venkatesh Virat says

    Virat kohli King

  34. Vikrant G! says

    For a moment i forgot that rayudu is on the non striker's end and run wasn't taken because there was a tail batsman. This is a result of sheer over-confidence; not everytime the ball can be in your court.

  35. Rakesh Giri says

    Jai ho.Singer. Rakesh giri.798877181

  36. MANJU says

    MS Dhoni😂😂😂

  37. Vinod Kumar says

    Women man holi is

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