1. Kjbkjb kjbkjb says

    This is just about as bad as men's softball

  2. Joey Bee says

    XD Tony having a good time up there XD

  3. Hans Hansen says

    Great Match!! the reviews work really perfect! But Ryan ist still too fast some times. But i cant understand what Leonhart is doing. Twan looses so many balls over the weekend. Marc tries to play rolling pinshot at the end but it simply don't work.. It's really a mess that you can't play that on a german table anymore. . .

  4. Lightwave says

    The camera work is excellent

  5. Paola Sgrillo says

    Sorry, but what rules did they use?

  6. KKC Sports says

    Love this match

  7. RICARDO Hoyos says


  8. xzc czxqwer says


  9. Man Man says

    I’m better than these players, it’s unfortunate we don’t have this competition in Africa

  10. Muhammad Moosa says

    Ryan Moore is amazing ..Pros use the snake shot almost exclusively and it makes sense since it's a higher percentage shot..still,can't help but wonder whether the odd surprise shot wouldn't open defenses even more

  11. Sebastian's Handy says

    Extremely strong defensive game


    Hi Jim, Dost played one of the most awesome games I have seen, Robertson was very poor in attacking and I doubt Dost viewed his match play, Blake was very Lucky, he had a strong partner in Moore and settled thereafter. All in all Robertson and Moore was very lucky that their opposition did not capitalize on their mistakes.

  13. RICARDO Hoyos says

    Kozoo where can we pick up some player's in EL PASO TX.? please let me know! Gracias

  14. David Szeto says

    Complete newbie here. I've noticed that when a player is playing the goalie position, they will often bounce the ball against the back wall and catch it again. Why do they do this?

  15. Hamid Askari says

  16. Aidan Klassen says

    Does anyone ever not do the snake shot? Passing and angles at pro level or no chance? Incredibly talented but pretty boring imo.

  17. Hamid Askari says


  18. Jack black says

    This is not the way it’s meant too be played. Scoring by Dragging the ball was cheating & is illegal . But they allow it & it’s all they do. BORING. Kills the game.

  19. EarthSurferUSA says

    Foosball talent is not what it used to be. At the top of my game in the 80's/90's, (and I played with some world ranked single digit pros from the 70's), I could beat these guys, (it may be close), and I was barley average for top skill of that day. All skill is being reduced in everything we do, so be careful who you pick for a Doctor also.

  20. JA. Sr. says

    Replays and camera angles- Thank you . Whoever is in the business of selling any foos videos ,I'm believing that many many more videos will be sold if this kind of replay and camera movement is available on those videos. I'd really like to be able to watch some older matches with replays for sure. Thanks again

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