Testing VIRAL TikTok Food Hacks with Riley!


We tried these viral Tik Tok food recipes and they actually worked! The cotton candy ice cream is my favorite. The cloud bread recipe is so simple and cool. It was a blast testing these food hacks with Riley. 😃 Let me know if you’d like to see more hacks, recipes, or TikTok videos.

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Testing VIRAL TikTok Food Hacks with Riley!

Will It Slime?

  1. itz gacha snack says

    I did not watch them for over 3 YEARS rylie grew so much

  2. EmmyMakesSlime says

    I miss their old videos😩😩😩
    Can anyone tell me how old Riley is?

  3. Gaming avocado Life says

    Let’s try and get this to 1000 dislikes 👎🏼 xx😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Gemma LeBeau says

    How old is your daughter

  5. Pug Squad says

    Who loves these will it slime channel👇

  6. Natia Slime says


  7. Brooklyn Spencer says


  8. Soumili Deb says

    Love ya I think I am the ur smallest subscriber because I am just 6 years old

  9. Ritoja Mukherjee says

    Raily made a face like billy eilish llama face sometimes 😂

  10. Meera Parlikar says

    It’s probably best not to wear makeup when you bake

  11. Leen Family says

    you're so funny guys 😂😂😂


    Who else has been here for a long time and just realized that Riley got so big and grown up

  13. -Bimjoing- Sebre says

    Me early

  14. PopCornRest - TikTok says

    Fun Fact : Most of The People Wacthing In Half Screen 😍🤣🔥

  15. Lucy VenDazzlebut says

    U only post once a month. Can u post more? Pls? I've seen all ur other vids and the other slime Youtubers are all fakes.

  16. Fun and Crazy Slime says

    Fun and crazy slime 😝

  17. Yee Haw says


  18. tsegaye bekele says

    it kinda looks like riley doesnt want to be in the vidoe and she is annoyed and mad lol

  19. Carol Cameron says

    Is Riley your daughter and do you live in Australia.

  20. Ashley Williams says

    Is Riley your daughter

  21. Melesha GARNER says

    wow so cool

  22. addymanchPlayz says

    In the UK, we say cling film instead of saran wrap.

  23. Leslie Serrano says

    Lechera is really good! Try a little of that with bananas! Trust me, it tastes really good

  24. Chloe Yee says

    He daughter is so annoying

  25. Fornia and Hope says

    Wow I love slime food blah blah blah blah love slime

  26. All About Izzy says

    Condensed milk is sooooooo yummy but very sweet

  27. Micah Camerino says

    How old are the girls

  28. Kaylee Parker says

    First I think to comment lol love your vids 😍

  29. Georgia Lowcock says

    OMG thank I have not received a vid pop up in ages

  30. Leen Family says

    i want slime

  31. Learta Kolgeci says

    Im not first but I saw this video and I think its amazing keep doing more amazing videos for us love from lea❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. •アリー AllieGamer• says

    is riley your daugther? also like this vid!

  33. Kacey Laub says

    You should do a slime with frosting. See if there is such thing as edible frosting slime

  34. Tasha Williamson says

    You should of used blue cloud bread

  35. Ayesha Umer says

    Man I am earl😊😊😊😊

  36. Mariam Ershad says

    Who else were worried about her not posting In such a long time

  37. AM - 05PN 839441 Worthington PS says

    I love when u upload videos when I watch YouTube ur the first channel/video I watch

  38. Kacey Truong says


  39. Someone says

    To the 1% of people reading this

    Stay safe and hope you and your family are doing well 🙂

  40. Best nour says

    Imagine getting a heart ❤ and a royal reply from will it slime

  41. Tar4 Bhowm1ck says

    11:16 that smile tho…….. Btw this is not a hate comment 🙂

  42. Chloe B says

    That ice cream looks groovy 😉 ✨

  43. AK RVA says

    I love your vids uh THERE SO GOOD

  44. Michelle Anichebe says

    u r the best

  45. Beautiful Slime says

    Wow 😍

  46. Selin Avci says

    I love you will it slime! I loveeeeeee ur vids and always watch them when I’m sad. You make people happy stay happy stay safe. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. Do It Yourself ! says

    Also love your videos

  48. Do It Yourself ! says

    To everyone here, have a wonderful day and stay safe!!💞💖

    Love from a slime U Tubr 💛

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