The Best PS4 Games (Summer 2020 Update)


Check out our updated list of the best PS4 games you should play, whether you’ve owned a system since day 1 or are just picking one up now. You can find the full list of our picks for the top 25 Playstation 4 games on IGN at


  1. Recht_voor_zijn_raap says

    Uncharted 4 was way better than Lost Legacy (which I loved) TLOU2 was imo a great game and didn't deserve all the hate.. But I put it lower on the list (think 8th place) Where the F is Ghost of Tsushima?!Remove GTA5 (a 7th gen game remaster) and put Ghost of Tsushima on this list!

  2. Rakshit Srivastava says

    Where is the red dead frikkin redemption 2???

  3. Gabriel Perez says

    I have played all of this LOL


    You heard of a game called Ghost?

  5. milan kalita says

    IGN : includes multi platform games on a ps4 videoMe: cool npIGN : forgets about RDR2Me : hmmmmm

  6. Dilshan Rasanga says

    Where is ghost of tsushima and RDR2?????????

  7. Treasures Sleeper says

    I don't see Gravity rush 🙁

  8. dhana says hi says

    Wtf where is RDR2

  9. Rajagopal Reddy Murikuti says

    What the help spiderman at 8th placePleaseAnd where is ghost of tsushima Where hell you guys don't know how toRank games

  10. Spicy Boi says

    Lol, nobody talking about TLOU2 at #2 because everyone stopped watching after the first 3

  11. Trajanus LaRocque says

    … umm .. you guys must’ve forgotten Red Dead 2… just watched Uncharted Lost Legacy ign review and RDR2 ign review. Y’all said Lost Legacy was a 7.5 “boring.” Tf you snubbed a “10 masterpiece” RDR 😂

  12. Shariq Rehman says


  13. PeterbossPT says

    dafuq is ghost of Tsushima!?

  14. Serger 08 says

    You forgot someone Ghost of Tsushima

  15. Jeffrey Yang says

    No resident evil ? Rdr2 ? FF7 remake ? And recently Ghost of tsushima ? This guy making list base on his fav game…Not base on fans and community choice. And tlou2 at 2nd list pffftttttttt

  16. nithin john says

    uncharted 4 man

  17. Daniel Andreas says

    Uncharted 4, not in this list, 93 metascore and 8.5 user score.TLOU2, in this list, Top 2, with 94 metascore and 5.6 user score.? ? ?

  18. Tyler G says

    I feel like uncharted 1 should've been there instead of 2

  19. Jordan Hann says

    When they don't include Ghost of Tsushima: 😂😂😂

  20. rahul sikdar says

    People forget Persona 5 is also available on the PS3

  21. Big Nasty says

    Witcher 3 is easily one of the best games ever made

  22. Alexis Boi says

    Where tf is Red Dead Redemption 2

  23. thanay metta says

    No red dead redemption 2? IGN sure is the worst

  24. Ayush Kudesia says

    No Uncharted 4?And how is it justified to put Horizon so low? 7th? Are you kidding me? When a game as polarising as the TLOU2 is sitting at second place? Tf is this list?

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