1. Lisa Bates says

    Hello, May I download your stress video for a presentation I'm giving in class?

  2. Luciana Pop says

    we all know what we need to do when something stress us out- just waisted whatever minutes listening to something i already know…………….

  3. Ajinkya946 says

    thanks for sharing this

  4. 18WheelinEagle says

    Mathematics is the reason why I stress

  5. CyberRonin says

    I have social anxiety disorder so I'm always stressed..

  6. Billythachikk says

    I have problems listening to these people!
    I'm so used to those baby gurus that I'm totally new to OTHER clever people.
    My God.

    I love this channel <3

  7. beijosparavoce says

    yea we all look like that sweaty, buff dude at 30 seconds when under stress

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