‘The Boys' Cast Dish On Jensen Ackles Playing Soldier Boy | Entertainment Weekly


Jack Quaid, Aya Cash, Erin Moriarty, and Laz Alonso talk about Jensen Ackles joining season 3 of ‘The Boys’ to play Soldier Boy.
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‘The Boys’ Cast Dish On Jensen Ackles Playing Soldier Boy | Entertainment Weekly

  1. Nicholas Bradley says

    This video has like 15 annotations that pop up

  2. Bruno Lapointe says

    Alright Jared, you're next

  3. Lillium Aldaeth says

    I cant get over the fact that they're all wearing their own merch hahahaha

  4. morning-dew girl says

    why do i keep seeing Selena Gomez's face on Starlight…damn

  5. My ChildishWays says


  6. Sam Haley says

    My guess is that Soldier Boy will be a racist because he was a supe before the civil rights era, and because of that he will end up clashing most with MM

  7. Mark Vargas says

    Who’s the brunette she’s pretty

  8. trelel1 says

    Jensen was so corny with that reveal

  9. Jung-jee Lee says

    I love how Quaid is still nerdy like his character on the show 😅

  10. Zach says

    Anyone else excited to see Jensen in some weird Captain America boy outfit just…fucking piss himself XD

  11. Dlugi says

    All I can see is bunch of sups pretending they like the new guy xD

  12. Subscribe to me says

    I like how stormfront is still there even though she isnt even in season 3.

  13. Felipe Sousa says

    Hey, why does stormfront is excited to work with Jensen? Doesn't she die? Oh.. I think I discovery something new hahaha

  14. Kill Switch says

    Why is storefront wayyy hotter off screen??

  15. AJ Taylor says

    Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boi is literally the stars aligning. He's playing a character that's a blatant rip-off of Captain America, which is also the role he auditioned for in the MCU? You know they're gonna make references to that in Season 3.

  16. mitz manuel says

    I hope they enjoy his pranks. I"ve heard some weird and funny stuff.

  17. Anupam SenGupta says

    He should join as VAMPIRE HUNTER BOY

  18. Arcadieos says

    Laz Alonso for SPAWN!!!!!!

  19. Lanie R. says

    I’ve been thinking of watching the first two seasons and Jensen joining is perfect motivation

  20. Portmore Empire says


  21. Tyler Galvez says

    We already have Bobby Singer from SPN into The Boys too!! Ugh, I can’t wait for Jensen!! He deserves another role since he’s been stuck in SPN last stupid seasons lol

  22. blackjac5000 says

    I seem to remember a certain scene in the Herogasm story arc from the source material…

  23. BM says

    I hope he appears in the entire season unlike Shawn Ashmore's character, lamplighter, which was very short. Was disappointed that he didn't stay long.

  24. Jo Jo says


  25. Jack Ripper says

    This the worst mistake they did… There will be pranks and bloopers on the boys, Now if Sam joins as a different version as Bucky… Now my theory is if Castiel and Jack joins there will be prank wars.

  26. Anthony Lanh says

    I worry about the pranks Jensen will pull on the rest of the cast

  27. Hyperactiv Gamer says

    The actress for Stormfront why Was she on this? If she us on it mayby she is in season 3?

  28. ashesfrombones says

    can't wait for the part… where he sells china ripoff consoles online and got sued by nintendo

  29. Dave Clark says

    Stormfront is smoking hot!

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