The Climb FM20 | Episode 38 – BYE BYE BLAISE | Football Manager 2020


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The Climb FM20 | Episode 38 – BYE BYE BLAISE | Football Manager 2020
The Climb FM20 | Episode 38 – BYE BYE BLAISE | Football Manager 2020
The Climb FM20 | Episode 38 – BYE BYE BLAISE | Football Manager 2020

  1. Andrew McLean says

    Justic for big dub

  2. Joseph Banks says

    Jack, Nancy are still our affiliates despite being in the same league, is this a french thing or FM?

  3. TheVikingOstrich says

    Hey I ran into a similar issue with Scottish team falkirk, cheap good players are hard to find lol. Colombia, Argentina, Belgium, and Korea are great for cheap. Check out arnau puigmal and ardy mfundu

  4. Kevin D says

    The Colombian city Medellin is pronounced “Medeen”

  5. carlrathsman says

    Great dealings over the summer! Blasie money should be spent on a striker IMO

  6. Baihu says

    I love Dulio Martinez. He's an academy regen from the best in Colombia Independiente Santa Fe!

  7. Martin Eglinton says

    Awfully confident after 1 game, hope it continues!

  8. Ryan Griffiths says

    I’m sorry but you’ve just done Napoli in….

  9. Kyle Easy says

    "What was the nonce defender…. sorry wrong team… the nazi defender"

  10. Joshua Stafford says

    if you dont buy blaise back right after his loan expires there will be uproar

  11. Matt Cruse says

    11M for blaise? Is a steal i mean c'mon lets face it his finishing suck but he is indeed a great dribler + pace and his ability to move the ball foward is astounding and thats what make him an exellent winger. 11Mil? damn jack

  12. youtubian says

    Lyon (game) live? For nostalgia

  13. Andy Bianchi says

    Selling Blaise was the right thing to do, especially since you’ve got him back on loan for two years. Very Smoljoesque

  14. Dean Williams says

    4:27 "some people will make a case for him to play as a DLP" Yeah that was me 😊 His crossing, dribbling and stamina aren't good enough to play as a FB. He's not got great pace either.But in Captain Jack we trust

  15. Orlando Thompson says

    This has to be click bait!

  16. David Coonan says

    That better have a 100% sell on clause!!

  17. Poul Andersen says

    Swap Koffi and Campo. Campo’s 13 finishing makes him the better option as a striker.

  18. GKMatt42 says

    Koffi was getting higher ratings on the right side than at striker, his finishing is still 10. Campo is a natural at striker and has 3 higher finishing so….Team looks great the way it is!

  19. * Uszkera says

    I would still give Big Dub a chance

  20. _ Floyd says

    Koffi struggled at striker one division below, doing much better at AMR. 10 finishing may be a problem for him here. I vote to use the Blaise money to bring in a striker and enjoy your depth at AM to keep players fresh and covered in case of injury. Awesome deal on Blaise, btw. Funded the team overhaul, still gets to play for you, AND if he develops as planned 22 mil will be a bargain.

  21. * Uszkera says

    Good signings jack but what about that Nigerian right back that was from Enugu Rangers that had a 950 pounds release clause

  22. Eseoghene Ebunu says

    what is your media prediction for this year

  23. Adog 10 says

    I feel like Blaise situation will be like smoljos

  24. barak avni says

    Am an Israeli so I'm starting the malka fan club xD

  25. barak avni says

    I'm pretty sure that mascherano and tevez are argentians ru on drugs jack?

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