The Expensive Fashion Of The Kardashian Jenner Kids


These Kardashian Kids Have Expensive Taste When It Comes To Fashion.

You only have to browse through the Kardashians’ Instagram accounts to realize that they live and breathe fashion. So, obviously, their kids have inherited their incredible sense of style. Yes, the Kardashian kids have wealthy parents who definitely influence what they wear. And love them or not, the Kardashians are one of the trendiest celebrity families in Tinseltown. Of course, they undoubtedly have nannies and stylists that get their children dressed up every morning. But regardless of who dresses them, these kids always manage to pull off some amazing looks.

And although they’re still super young, they take some major fashion risks, which obviously helps the Kar-Jenner brand. Now, some may say that these tots are so young that they probably can’t tell the difference between Versace or Chanel. And yet, everyone is looking to them for outfit inspirations for their own kids. These children’s closets are filled with designer clothes that would make the average grown-up green with envy. So, clearly, being a celebrity kid has tons of perks, like having more accessories and sneakers than they know what to do with.

The Kar-Jenner kids may be young but they are definitely following in their fashionable parents’ footsteps. In fact, many of these kids have been fashion icons since the moment they were born. Still, there’s no way to know what kind of an impact these kids will have on the fashion world as they get older, but it’s safe to say that they’ll continue to strut their style just like their proud parents.

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  1. angel jackson says

    They all make me sick

  2. Anamika Mandal says

    If you've so much money to spend, spend it to uplift poor families!

  3. Aubery Simons says

    The way their saying "fashion sense". I think they forget that they're dressed by they're parents or nannies.

  4. Jean Dixson says

    Your sucking up makes me puke

  5. hiba rose says

    I can t when the talko going to talk about expensive thing kendall to her girl or boy

  6. hiba rose says

    I think that the most expensive is stormi

  7. hiba rose says

    I was thinking that reing is a girl

  8. Saras life says

    Are you sure the Kardashian’s are paying this channel to make videos about them all of the time

  9. Neesa Saigal says

    Stormy is soooo cute lives better than me though me though ❤️

  10. Come And Play Dolls With Me! says

    Remember guys money cant buy happiness

  11. Summer223 Time111 says

    Who is here only for Stormi

  12. Gwendolyn Alejandro says

    Umm…these kids will grow out of the stuff there parents buy them in like a year why buy stuff when u could save then ur kids get all the money and get to buy there own stuff like 5hey are not gonna remember the birthdays or anything u buy them as toddlers or babys

  13. lillan löfgren says

    If someone needs money they know where to find it . I don`t understand how they dare to showing this

  14. Amazing Facts says

    Pls pls give me a heart ♥

  15. Sara & the squad says




  16. シOlivia_andtocaathingz says

    Imagine how much robux you could get in that family

  17. Ra wr says

    Bruh I don’t even own a close more than 200 I only own a shoes that cost 368$ -.-

  18. Ximena Gonzalez says

    I don’t think the kardashians ever stepped foot at a thrift store or dollar tree

  19. Amy Breen says

    Kylie Jenners family is my favourite

  20. CESSY D'DIONIO says

    I wish I had there life

  21. Cloe Xx_ says

    they are children they just want toys

  22. Sugar Girl says

    All the kids are mixed

  23. Munachimso Muoguilim says

    well, I don't wanna boast but all my clothing are Gucci Louis Chanel and more designers sooo like OH! and I'm really young so also my parents cleared out the whole of A Chinese restaurant for our dinner which means that we had a private dinner no one else in the restaurant so haha. and i have really good style

  24. Adriana Bonita Aziz says

    I Just have round one more reason to love more Angelina Jolie .

  25. Vsco 10 says

    Love Kim k

  26. Ella says

    2 year olds should NOT be wearing hoop earrings period.

  27. game wanderers says

    This chanel is obsessed with the Kardashian jenners

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